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adj. Law
1. Relating to or determining the outcome of a case or decision.
2. Relating to or involving the distribution of property, as through a trust or will.


with a disposing quality
obsolete a thing that disposes, such as a legal document


(dɪˈspɒz ɪ tɪv)

involving or affecting disposition or settlement.
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The security apparatus has an important legal dispositive enabling its agents to confiscate and detains journalists, also it can direct the government institutions and companies to not advertise their businesses in the recalcitrant newspapers.
For the required activities in software development, The use of sap, The operation, The dispositive data management and the support in program and project management external support is required in addition to the internal staff.
The dispositive portion above-cited directed the inclusion of Vargas and Tolentino for the positions of POC President and POC Chairman,' it added.
The minister said that the amendments are aimed at the development of social partnership, clarification of imperative and dispositive norms, grounds and rules for the termination of labor contracts, and the elimination of certain gaps and collisions.
The dispositive portion of the resolution read: 'Now be it resolved by the House of Representatives to dismiss the impeachment complaint filed by Jacinto Paras and Ferdinand Topacio against Andres Bautista for the reason that it is insufficient in form due to its defective verification.
For example, if a judge's tendency is to not grant dispositive motions, as a litigator thinks about case strategy, he may make a strategic or tactical decision as to whether or not to file such a motion-i.
Petrocelli, a director of the company, may be deemed to beneficially own such shares as a result of having shared voting and dispositive power over the shares with other members of his family.
As with court judgments, it must be clear that the dispositive section (usually an order found at the end of the award directing which party has to pay what to whom) is part of the award along with the reasoning.
Summary: As lead counsel, you have worked the case all the way through discovery and dispositive motions to get it ready for presentation to a jury.
1/22/15) the right to claim no duty to defend will still exist even after a motion for summary judgment is denied if the motion order is not dispositive of the claims made by the motion for summary judgment.
Rather it is a contract dispute between private parties, turning almost entirely on construction of a private contract, and failing to present any dispositive question of federal law.
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