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dis′pro·por′tion·al·ly adv.


(ˌdɪs prəˈpɔr ʃə nl, -ˈpoʊr-)

not in proportion; disproportionate.
dis`pro•por`tion•al′i•ty, dis`pro•por′tion•al•ness, n.
dis`pro•por′tion•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.disproportional - out of proportion
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It recommends that undue privileges granted to the president in defamation cases be abolished and calls for a revision of the legal definitions of incitement to ethnic, racial, religious or interregional hatred, to avoid disproportional limitations of the freedom of expression.
In the recent Senate elections, the results from across the country were disproportional to the share of provincial assembly seats for nearly all parties.
A discussion of the disproportional impact that cannabis is having on the commercial real estate market.
Slager's actions were disproportional to Scott's misconduct.
Alavi denied knowing about Assa's connection with the regime and called the verdict "excessive and grossly disproportional to the offense.
Given the ban's sweeping nature, it is disproportional, irrational, and causes significant harm to its victims.
Dr Moza explained that the tooth size analysis is defined as the degree of disproportional relationships between upper and lower teeth (in total or anterior) often called Bolton analysis.
Similarly, other demographic indicators have remained disproportional and unresponsive to economic growth as in Pakistan (table 1).
Banking regulation is very punitive and disproportional subjecting lesser euro area banks to the same regulatory requirements as major banks in the single currency bloc, Matsis, whose appointment as Hellenic's chief executive officer received the ECB's approval a week ago, said.
However, with the morning-after pill the negative consequence is often the killing of a person and is therefore seen as unacceptable and disproportional to the benefits.
For the past couple of years we've been obsessing over consumer insights and feedback, allocating disproportional resources and time to making great products and to solving problems with efficient, effective solutions," said Clio global new product development director Brian LaMontagne.
But Germany's Left Party said the raid showed disproportional force and targeted an immigrant community.