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tr.v. dis·qual·i·fied, dis·qual·i·fy·ing, dis·qual·i·fies
a. To render unqualified or unfit.
b. To declare unqualified or ineligible.
2. To deprive of legal rights, powers, or privileges.
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Adj.1.disqualifying - depriving of legal right; rendering legally disqualified; "certain disabling restrictions disqualified him for citizenship"
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73) Moreover, it was disqualifyingly selective in applying more politically salient "neutral" criteria: it retained "the cores of prior districts .
So there is always an edge of curious practical philosophy, a need inherent to locate a way of thinking which permits all the interactive, humanly relational factors of given lives to occur as if unexceptional, not disqualifyingly aberrant, not fictions or sports, but clearly to be included with all else as having happened.