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Feeling or exhibiting a lack of contentment or satisfaction.

dis·sat′is·fied′ly adv.


having or showing dissatisfaction; discontented
disˈsatisˌfiedly adv


(dɪsˈsæt ɪsˌfaɪd)

1. discontented.
2. showing dissatisfaction: a dissatisfied look.
dis•sat′is•fied`ly, adv.


, unsatisfied - Only a person can be dissatisfied, while an abstract thing (such as hunger) can be unsatisfied.
See also related terms for hunger.


1. 'unsatisfied'

If something such as a demand is unsatisfied, there is not enough of what is wanted.

There is already an unsatisfied demand for timber products.
2. 'dissatisfied'

If a person is dissatisfied, they are not contented and want changes in a situation or in their lives.

People are utterly dissatisfied with the economic situation.
The universities produced a number of dissatisfied idealists.
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Adj.1.dissatisfied - in a state of sulky dissatisfaction
discontent, discontented - showing or experiencing dissatisfaction or restless longing; "saw many discontent faces in the room"; "was discontented with his position"


bất mãn


[ˈdɪsˈsætɪsfaɪd] ADJdescontento, insatisfecho (with con) everyone was dissatisfied with the resultel resultado dejó descontento or insatisfecho a todo el mundo


[dɪsˈsætɪsfaɪd] adjmécontent(e), insatisfait(e)
to be dissatisfied with sth/sb → être mécontent(e) de qch/qn, être insatisfait(e) de qch/qn
We were dissatisfied with the service → Nous étions mécontents du service., Nous étions insatisfaits du service


adjunzufrieden (with mit)


[ˈdɪsˈsætɪsfaɪd] adj dissatisfied (with)insoddisfatto/a (di), scontento/a (di)


غَيْرُ راضٍ nespokojený utilfreds unzufrieden δυσαρεστημένος descontento tyytymätön insatisfait nezadovoljan insoddisfatto 不満な 불만스러운 ontevreden misfornøyd niezadowolony insatisfeito неудовлетворенный missnöjd ซึ่งไม่พอใจ hoşnutsuz bất mãn 不满意的
References in classic literature ?
Her habit- ually dissatisfied face had become, he thought, the most peaceful and lovely thing he had ever seen.
I wish no contention of idle words with you, friend," said Heyward, curbing his dissatisfied manner, and speaking in a more gentle voice; "if you will tell me the distance to Fort Edward, and conduct me thither, your labor shall not go without its reward.
If the men are dissatisfied, and think we're spending money--"
Ona, too, was dissatisfied with her place, and had far more reason than Marija.
His dungeon was a nice, cool, roomy place, and I cannot see why he should have been dissatisfied with it.
I am sure," replied Elinor, with a smile, "that his dearest friends could not be dissatisfied with such commendation as that.
I watched her for nearly half-an-hour: during all that time she never turned a page, and her face grew momently darker, more dissatisfied, and more sourly expressive of disappointment.
If you should then be dissatisfied with it, you can but test its soundness for yourself; if, on the other hand, you should be satisfied with it, and it should be what it now is, it may spare all sides what is best spared.
He spoke, I thought, as if he were weary, or dissatisfied with something; but I did not pursue the question in my mind, for dinner was just then announced, and we went down and took the same seats as before.
When the gate was closed upon me by Sarah of the walnut-shell countenance, I felt more than ever dissatisfied with my home and with my trade and with everything; and that was all I took by that motion.
He wished to banish from the minds of the chivalry around him his own indecent and unacceptable jest respecting the Jewess Rebecca; he was desirous of conciliating Alicia's father Waldemar, of whom he stood in awe, and who had more than once shown himself dissatisfied during the course of the day's proceedings.
I won't tell you that I am dissatisfied with what I have done of him, or that his beauty is such that art cannot express it.