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v. dis·sev·ered, dis·sev·er·ing, dis·sev·ers
1. To separate; sever.
2. To divide into parts; break up.
To become separated or disunited.

[Middle English disseveren, from Old French dessevrer, from Late Latin dissēparāre : Latin dis-, dis- + Latin sēparāre, to separate; see separate.]

dis·sev′er·ance, dis·sev′er·ment n.
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The act or an instance of separating one thing from another:
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He who is taken out to pass through a fair scene to the scaffold, thinks not of the flowers that smile on his road, but of the block and axe-edge; of the disseverment of bone and vein; of the grave gaping at the end: and I thought of drear flight and homeless wandering--and oh
For these individuals, the consequences of losing resources can range from no effect to bankruptcy or disseverment.