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v. dis·si·pat·ed, dis·si·pat·ing, dis·si·pates
a. To break apart or attenuate to the point of disappearing: The wind finally dissipated the smoke. See Synonyms at scatter.
b. To drive away; cause to vanish: a discovery that dissipated his doubts.
a. To spend or expend intemperately or wastefully; squander: dissipated his fortune in casinos.
b. To use up, especially recklessly; exhaust: dissipated their energy. See Synonyms at waste.
3. To cause to lose (energy, such as heat) irreversibly.
1. To be attenuated and vanish: The dark clouds finally dissipated.
2. To become dispelled; vanish: His anger dissipated in time.

[Middle English dissipaten, from Latin dissipāre, dissipāt-.]

dis′si·pat′er, dis′si·pa′tor n.
dis′si·pa′tive adj.
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Beginning with dissipative geometry and general relativity theory, they consider such aspects as pseudo-Riemannian geometry and general relativity, metric waves in a non-stationary universe and dissipative oscillator, and bosonic and fermionic models of a Friedman-Robertson-Walker universe.
Flooring work; Building 0: 575 m linoleum flooring R9, 125 m Linoleum flooring R10, 130 m linoleum flooring, chemical resistant, 30 m linoleum flooring, dissipative.
In [24], Tuna and Eryilmaz proved a theorem on completeness of the system of eigenfunctions and associated functions of dissipative q-Sturm-Liouville operators by using the Lidskii's theorem.
A new type of dissipative wall anchor solves the issues of how to protect heritage buildings in some of the most earthquake-prone parts of the world.
At the least granular level, one can classify shoes as ESD dissipative or non-ESD dissipative, and the floor as ESD dissipative or non-ESD dissipative.
As a specialist flooring manufacturer, Ecotile says it offers dedicated solutions for some of the toughest flooring challenges, including ESD static dissipative flooring systems.
High-performance specialty resins supplied by this company include Estane thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Pearlthane TPU, Pearlthane ECO TPU, Pearlbond TPU, Pearlbond ECO TPU, Pearlstick TPU, Pearlcoat TPU, Isoplast ETP (engineered thermoplastic) and Stat-Rite inherently static dissipative sheet and compounds.
These charges are in the dissipative range with a label surface resistance between 1.
The floors group as follows: the conductive rubber and asian vinyl are classified as conductive floors, high pressure laminate (HPL-N and HPL-F) are dissipative floors of very low conductivity, while standard tile is insulating.
Arizona Polymer Flooring (APF), a manufacturer of high-performance flooring products and concrete coating systems, has launched StatRez Static Control Flooring Systems, which are designed to protect areas requiring static dissipative or conductive flooring.
Complexity and evolution of dissipative systems; an analytical approach.
Foster Corporation introduced static dissipative polymer blends specifically designed for medical devices and equipment.