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Lacking moral restraint; indulging in sensual pleasures or vices.

[Middle English, from Latin dissolūtus, past participle of dissolvere, to dissolve; see dissolve.]

dis′so·lute′ly adv.
dis′so·lute′ness n.
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Noun1.dissoluteness - indiscipline with regard to sensuous pleasures
indiscipline, undiscipline - the trait of lacking discipline
rakishness - the quality of a rake


Excessive freedom; lack of restraint:
فُجور، خَلاعَه
ósiîsemi; svallsemi


n (of person, way of life)Zügellosigkeit f; (of appearance)Verlebtheit f


(ˈdisəluːt) adjective
bad or immoral. dissolute behaviour.
ˈdissoluteness noun
References in classic literature ?
The hero is a mind of such balance that no disturbances can shake his will, but pleasantly and as it were merrily he advances to his own music, alike in frightful alarms and in the tipsy mirth of universal dissoluteness.
not Luxury, Sensuality, Dissoluteness, which they often stand for, but the three dry letters.
The play is an archetypal example of "Western" literature, having been written by probably the best-known English writer and based on English translations of Roman historical texts, and its central figure has long been regarded, by Roman historians and English writers alike, simultaneously as a racial, cultural, and gendered "other" who has been called "an example of dissoluteness in Western literature" (Darragi 358), and as a great queen who inspires the devotion of the most powerful men in the ancient world and ultimately makes "a supreme sacrifice for love and freedom" (Darragi 369).
Though a landmark voice in Spain at that time of dissoluteness and resistance (to Francisco Franco's dictatorship), in the way Bob Dylan's and John Lennon's songs influenced that generation, De Biedma was unknown outside his country.
Faulkner describes his beard as giving him: "an air of incredible and paradoxical dissoluteness, not as though at last and without warning he had appeared in the sight of his fellowmen in his true character, but as if an old Italian portrait of a child saint had been defaced by a vicious and idle boy" (H 1033).
It concludes by showing that Nietzsche's distinctive analysis of curiosity reveals it to be a life-affirming stance that escapes his notorious critique of truthfulness as an objectionable form of "asceticism," as well as the traditional charge that it leads to a form of intellectual dissoluteness.
Unbridled passions, dissoluteness, grudges--these movements of the heart give rise to sin.
In his text, 'the dissoluteness of our lascivious, imprudent, rattle-pated gadding females' who 'are never well pleased nor contented, but when they are wandring abroad to Playes' is not only the product of their playgoing; it is also its cause.
Abu Dwood] A[cedilla] Befriending pious and good people especially in the current period in which dissoluteness and immorality are widespread.
28) He believes: "the glorious God created humans on the basis of monotheistic nature, a nature in which the issue of knowing God, goodness of piety and badness of dissoluteness have been clarified".
No language is too strong to express his dissoluteness and laxity of morals.
not Luxury, Sensuality, Dissoluteness, which they often stand for, but the three dry letters" (for pounds, shillings, pence).