partial denture

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Noun1.partial denture - a denture replacing one or more teeth in a dental arch
dental plate, denture, plate - a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth
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It has been suggested that, when associated with interrupted aortic arch, aortopulmonary windows are larger with greater distal extension.
There was poor contrast filling in both common iliac veins, suggesting distal extension of tumour thrombus to the confluence of the common iliac veins.
Because of the length of transfer needed to reconstruct an entire vagina, the pedicle technique is a better alternative for women who have some vaginal length and need a distal extension, Dr.
Radiographs are needed to determine the position of the distal intragingival extension in relation to the tooth bud of the permanent first molar, multiple impressions may be required (study and working models), at placement local analgesia is needed in order to force the sharpened distal extension through the ridge (unless it is placed at the time of extraction).

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