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1. Anatomically located far from a point of reference, such as an origin or a point of attachment.
2. Situated farthest from the middle and front of the jaw, as a tooth or tooth surface.

dis′tal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.distally - far from the center; "the bronchus is situated distally"
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
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Lateral and posterior teeth are lower crowned with a distally inclined cusp.
An absorbent article containing first and second longitudinally extending sides and first and second distally spaced ends has been patented.
This may be due to proximal nail separation extending distally, representing progression of Beau's lines, which are transverse lines or grooves in the nail plate.
The stone eventually becomes completely impacted as the diameter of the small bowel decreases distally and the stone gradually enlarges secondary to sediment accumulation from intestinal contents (4).
The surgical procedure requires only a two to three centimeter incision on the forearm and a few small incisions distally.
Male terminalia: Genital fork (sternite 5) of known males with medial surface densely clothed in stout, short setae; phallus characteristically shaped, with distally bifid basal distiphallus and strongly recurved distal distiphallus terminating in a spinulose swelling ("glans"); known males with basiphallus extending beyond base of distiphallus.
Fore femur and tibia of male lacking dark teeth or tubercles; posterior margin of male metasternum bearing a large, distally flaring posteromedial process resting against the genital capsule, posterior margin of this process emarginate, curving downward, and bearing numerous short, vertical striae (Fig.
Follicular carcinomas have been reported to show a greater prevalence to metastasise distally than papillary or anaplastic subtypes.
Microspores brown to dark brown en masse, monolete, 27-33 [micro]m long, 20-23 [micro]m wide, elliptic in polar view, proximal face convex and distal face broadly rounded, perispore surface echinate with longer echinae distally.
Males can be distinguished by the D-shaped embolus directed toward the distal part of the tibia, and the conical shape of the distal cymbial apophysis, curved distally with one terminal claw (Figs.
We believe the subcutaneous emphysema was 'contained' in this case because initially the tip of the tracheal tube, which had delivered gas into the subcutaneous plane during the initial positive pressure inflation, had been incidentally repositioned distally 1 to 2 cm, as warranted by the initial low compliance.