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a. Unpleasant; disagreeable: found cocktail parties distasteful.
b. Objectionable; offensive: used distasteful language.
2. Expressing aversion or dislike: shot me a distasteful glance.

dis·taste′ful·ly adv.
dis·taste′ful·ness n.


unpleasant or offensive
disˈtastefully adv
disˈtastefulness n


(dɪsˈteɪst fəl)

1. unpleasant, offensive, or causing dislike.
2. unpleasant to the taste.
3. showing distaste or dislike.
dis•taste′ful•ly, adv.
dis•taste′ful•ness, n.


1. 'tasteless'

Something that is tasteless is vulgar and unattractive.

...a flat crammed with spectacularly tasteless objets d'art.
Apart from a few tasteless remarks, he was reasonably well-behaved.

Tasteless food has very little flavour.

...cold, tasteless pizzas.
2. 'distasteful'

If something is distasteful to you, you dislike it or disapprove of it.

Unnecessary slaughter of animals is distasteful to most people.
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Adj.1.distasteful - not pleasing in odor or tastedistasteful - not pleasing in odor or taste  
unpalatable - not pleasant or acceptable to the taste or mind; "an unpalatable meal"; "unpalatable truths"; "unpalatable behavior"
2.distasteful - highly offensivedistasteful - highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust; "a disgusting smell"; "distasteful language"; "a loathsome disease"; "the idea of eating meat is repellent to me"; "revolting food"; "a wicked stench"
offensive - unpleasant or disgusting especially to the senses; "offensive odors"



1. Difficult to accept:
2. So unpleasant in flavor as to be inedible:
كَريه، مُزْعِج، غَيْر مُريح


[dɪsˈteɪstfʊl] ADJdesagradable; [task] → ingrato
it is distasteful to me to have to do thisno me resulta nada grato tener que hacer esto


[dɪsˈteɪstfʊl] adj [experience, task, sight] → déplaisant(e), désagréable; (stronger)répugnant(e)
to be distasteful to sb → déplaire à qn; (stronger)révolter qn


adj taskunangenehm; photo, magazinegeschmacklos; to be distasteful to somebodyjdm zuwider or unangenehm sein; he found the idea distastefulder Gedanke war ihm zuwider


[dɪsˈteɪstfʊl] adjsgradevole, ripugnante
the very idea is distasteful to me → la sola idea mi ripugna


(disˈteist) noun
dislike (of something unpleasant). She looked at the untidy room with distaste.
disˈtasteful adjective
disagreeable. a distasteful job.
disˈtastefully adverb
disˈtastefulness noun
References in classic literature ?
We have many most respectable and worthy young women who do the same and are employed by the nobility, because, being the daughters of gentlemen, they are both well bred and accomplished, you know," said Miss Kate in a patronizing tone that hurt Meg's pride, and made her work seem not only more distasteful, but degrading.
In cases of distasteful occupation, the second day is generally worse than the first.
Perry recommended nourishing food; but every thing they could command (and never had any body such good neighbours) was distasteful.
Yet, after all, as a friend and companion, I hope never to become quite distasteful to my dear master.
I rather think his appearance there was distasteful to Catherine; she was not artful, never played the coquette, and had evidently an objection to her two friends meeting at all; for when Heathcliff expressed contempt of Linton in his presence, she could not half coincide, as she did in his absence; and when Linton evinced disgust and antipathy to Heathcliff, she dared not treat his sentiments with indifference, as if depreciation of her playmate were of scarcely any consequence to her.
Because he had voluntarily relinquished a title that was distasteful to him, and a station that was distasteful to him, and had left his country--he submitted before the word emigrant in the present acceptation by the Tribunal was in use--to live by his own industry in England, rather than on the industry of the overladen people of France.
This counsel was very distasteful to me, but I thought I could not do otherwise than adopt it.
Oh, lonely trees, that from this day forward shall bear me company in my solitude, give me some sign by the gentle movement of your boughs that my presence is not distasteful to you
She often got into the carriage against her will; she saw herself surrounded by servants who were distasteful to her; she no longer had the handling of her dear money,--she who had known herself free to spend money, and did not spend it.
The boy even insisted upon doing the work of their cabin steward, since, as he explained, his grandmother was suffering from a nervous disposition that made the presence of strangers extremely distasteful to her.
He saw himself obliged to one of two distasteful and perilous alternatives; either to shut the door altogether and set his portmanteau out upon the wayside, a wonder to all beholders; or to leave the door ajar, so that any thievish tramp or holiday schoolboy might stray in and stumble on the grisly secret.
It was plain to me that this Mediterranean, enclosed in the midst of those countries which he wished to avoid, was distasteful to Captain Nemo.