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a. distobucal, rel. a la superficie distal y bucal de un diente.
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The measurements for CAL were recorded at four sites per tooth (Mesiobuccal, distobuccal, midbuccal and midlingual) of all teeth except third molars.
Participants were instructed to explore all four quadrants of the typodont starting with the distobuccal surface of the first tooth in the upper right quadrant, using their normal instrumentation technique, for up to five minutes.
In SRME group, the changes during the total treatment period (T2-T0) were analyzed on the axial sections of the CT images and significant decreases in the BABT of tooth number 16 (level of the distobuccal and mesiobuccal roots), and significant increases in the palatal bone thickness of the same tooth were found (p<0.
The depth of the von spee's curve was calculated on lateral cephalograms as perpendicular distance from tip of lower central incisor to the mandibular plane (L1-MP), distobuccal cusp tip of the lower second molar (M7-MP) to the mandibular plane, the deepest point of the von spee's curve to the mandibular plane (S-MP), and proportioned with each other.
In molar teeth of both the maxilla and mandible, mesiobuccal cusp was the first to undergo calcification followed with mesiolingual, distobuccal, and finally, distolingual cusp.
First sample at the day of surgery: bacterial sample was taken from the distobuccal pocket of the tooth mesial to implant.
Palatal and distobuccal roots were observed to contain one root canal (100%) and Vertucci's type I configuration.
All measurements were recorded at 6 aspects on each of 6 Ramjford teeth (mesiobuccal, mid-buccal, distobuccal, mesiolingual, midl-lingual and disto lingual) by using a standard periodontal probe (Williams probe) and non-magnifying dental mirror.
The palatal canal of the maxillary right first premolar and both the palatal and the distobuccal canals of the maxillary right first molar were prepared and a canal space impression was taken for both teeth simultaneously.
As radix entomolaris is mostly situated in the same buccolingual plane as the distobuccal root, a superimposition of both roots can appear on the radiograph resulting in an inaccurate diagnosis [19].