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tr.v. dis·tract·ed, dis·tract·ing, dis·tracts
1. To cause (someone) to have difficulty paying attention to something: The voices in the other room distracted him, so he couldn't concentrate on his homework.
2. To attract (the attention) away from its original focus; divert.
3. To cause to feel worried or uneasy; unsettle: The company's workforce was distracted by the prospect of a takeover.

[Middle English distracten, from Latin distrahere, distract-, to pull away : dis-, apart; see dis- + trahere, to draw.]

dis·tract′i·bil′i·ty n.
dis·tract′i·ble adj.
dis·tract′ing·ly adv.
dis·trac′tive adj.


adj distraído, que se distrae fácilmente
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In contrast to girls, boys were rated by teachers as more active, more distractible, and less persistent.
So unhurried and distractible is GK that it seems a wonder that he can stay on top of all the demands of hosting the radio show.
Ask a fifth- grade teacher to say what percentage of her students are highly distractible.
By channeling the teacher's instructions directly into the ears of easily distractible students, the students are better able to focus on what is important and filter out distracting noise.
Maternal intrusiveness, for example, is related to the later development of hyperactive and distractible behavior in kindergarten (Jacobvitz & Sroufe, 1987).
Factor analyses of these scales indicate that they measure two correlated dimensions of child behaviour: (a) conduct problems--the extent to which children exhibit antisocial, aggressive, and oppositional behaviours in the classroom; and (b) attentional problems--the extent to which children exhibit inattentive, hyperactive, or distractible behaviours in the classroom (Fergusson, Horwood, & Lloyd, 1991).
toddler, very distractible child), caseload size (e.
In March, when Richard Nixon met privately with Aleksandr Rutskoi two months after President Clinton met publicly with Boris Yeltsin, I found myself wondering, and not for the first time, if the reason American politics seem ever more deeply mired in triviality, our Presidents each more hapless than the one before, and the electorate ever more bored and distractible, was that the whole thing was a fiction.
Paradoxically, the drugs that are most effective in controlling distractible, hyperactive and impulsive behaviors are stimulants of the central nervous system such as Ritalin and Cylert.
Type 2s, on the other hand, are impulsive, distractible and emotionally detached.
Children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder may be more distractible and impulsive than their peers.