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tr.v. dis·tract·ed, dis·tract·ing, dis·tracts
1. To cause (someone) to have difficulty paying attention to something: The voices in the other room distracted him, so he couldn't concentrate on his homework.
2. To attract (the attention) away from its original focus; divert.
3. To cause to feel worried or uneasy; unsettle: The company's workforce was distracted by the prospect of a takeover.

[Middle English distracten, from Latin distrahere, distract-, to pull away : dis-, apart; see dis- + trahere, to draw.]

dis·tract′i·bil′i·ty n.
dis·tract′i·ble adj.
dis·tract′ing·ly adv.
dis·trac′tive adj.
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beaucoup moins que]La 53e edition du Festival des Roses s'inscrit dans la continuite du parcours distingue que l'evenement enregistre en tant qu'etape de developpement, contribuant massivement au developpement de la chaine de la rose, que ce soit sur sa production, sa valorisation, son rayonnement ou en encore sa commercialisation, contribuant egalement a l'animation touristique, culturelle, sportive et distractive de la ville et de la province[beaucoup plus grand que], ajoute la meme source.
The top factors causing fatal crashes are 1) failure to keep in proper lane or running off road; 2) driving too fast for conditions or in excess of posted speed limit; 3) DUI; 4) failure to yield right of way; 5) distractive driving/inattentive (texting, talking, eating, etc.
Joleon Lescott, Gareth McAuley and Craig Dawson all made distractive runs allowing Morrison to ghost in and head home Chris Brunt's delivery totally unmarked.
Towards the Design of a Distractive and Mobility-Enabling Back
Summarizing these different interpretations shows the delicate way that Wheeler's dialect functions both as communicative medium and distractive smokescreen.
Publishing various advertisements in the form of Aarti, the songs projecting Hooda as sole personality and party at the expense of public exchequer is distractive to the governance of the public administration in the state and against the rule of law," the petitioner said.
Boys are more likely to choose distractive and avoidant coping styles to handle their problems (Broderick & Korteland, 2002), or deal with their problems through negative emotional expression which can include yelling, or bullying someone (Broderick & Korteland, 2002).
This is actually quite a big deal as we know once we have this across our entire fleet, the consistency of the expectation that the customer knows he is going to have this access, we think that will be a distractive advantage for us.
The authorities seem to be indifferent bystanders to this distractive practice.
A systematic study on the topic will reveal valuable insights regarding the psychological and cognitive factors behind distractive behaviors as well as structural issues in pedagogy.
Two years ago, we changed our bus expectations to allow the students to have the devices as long as they did not prove distractive to the driver.