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tr.v. dis·val·ued, dis·val·u·ing, dis·val·ues
To regard as of little or no value: "Modern culture ... has disvalued chastity, fidelity, and also piety" (Peter Kreeft).
A negative value of something.


vb (tr)
to consider of little value


(dɪsˈvæl yu)

n., v. -ued, -u•ing. n.
1. disesteem; disparagement.
2. Archaic. to depreciate; disparage.
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The reason why projects in this respect stand apart from other kinds of valuation is that projects are those persistent desires which order a life and by reference to which other items are valued or disvalued.
9) Taken in its ancient context, the notion of illness or infirmity does not point simply to a physical illness but also relates to social and personal perceptions of socially disvalued states.
Surely entrepreneurs will step forward with preimplantation genetic diagnostic (PGD) tests and prenatal diagnostic (PND) tests that purport to pick up alleles associated with valued or disvalued traits.
A heap of garbage or the dead cockroach is disvalued, whether it is my garbage or anyone else's.
Patricia King and Leslie Wolf have documented ways in which American blacks can suffer from having their lives disvalued by whites, and Susan Wolf has noted that the lives of women may be disvalued because of prejudice.
Yet infertility is highly disvalued in our society.
This enables the parents to embrace or part company with the team's values in a fuller understanding of the real meaning and implications of either disvalued outcome.
For instance, an appeal to consequences is less significant if the consequences are unlikely; are not highly valued or disvalued by the person affected; or have a limited impact.
Indeed, in extreme cases, individual well-being may be so contrary to widely held values that well-being can come to be disvalued.
Who defines what is valued and disvalued in this situation?
Whereas, Kaplan (1983) defined stress as subject's inability to forestall diminish perception, recall, anticipation, and imagination of disvalued circumstances, those that in reality or fantasy signify great and/or increased distance from desirable (valued) experiential states, and consequently, evoke a need to approximate the valued states.
Kiir would have not disvalued the SPLM Northern Sector and disowned Mr.