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tr.v. dis·val·ued, dis·val·u·ing, dis·val·ues
To regard as of little or no value: "Modern culture ... has disvalued chastity, fidelity, and also piety" (Peter Kreeft).
A negative value of something.


vb (tr)
to consider of little value


(dɪsˈvæl yu)

n., v. -ued, -u•ing. n.
1. disesteem; disparagement.
2. Archaic. to depreciate; disparage.
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Any moral theory which was not explicitly utilitarian, but still had an aggregative component that disvalued suffering, would consider suffering risks as something to avoid.
His effort goes toward understanding "the essence of nihilism and its long history if we begin with the guiding concepts of metaphysics and gnoseology: hence, our reading of nihilism is carried out in front of the tribunal of first philosophy: "Nihilism is not primarily an event through which the most noble values are disvalued, nor is it primarily the announcement that 'God is dead'; rather, it is the forgetting of being, the crisis of the idea of truth, the abandonment of unchanging realities and truths, and the paralysis of meaning.
Indeed, in extreme cases, individual well-being may be so contrary to widely held values that well-being can come to be disvalued.
We are as mystified by WHB's criticism of our article for allegedly using $2 million as the value of a year in prison as we are curious as to whether they believe that a year in prison on average should be disvalued at more than $43-$48 million.
Whereas, Kaplan (1983) defined stress as subject's inability to forestall diminish perception, recall, anticipation, and imagination of disvalued circumstances, those that in reality or fantasy signify great and/or increased distance from desirable (valued) experiential states, and consequently, evoke a need to approximate the valued states.
This type of case is easily generated since we simply imagine cases where a person or the state has a right to implement a just punishment or other greatly disvalued state and the person facing this outcome (roughly) gives free and informed consent to substitute extremely harsh treatment for incarceration.
Adolescents' use of socially disvalued media: Towards a theory of media delinquency.
It builds up an anticipation of what the likely outcome of one action or another would be, and then chooses on the basis of how much that outcome is valued or disvalued.
Boredom: a social disvalued emotion, Sociological Spectrum, 19, 13-37.
At a time when parenthood itself is being repressed by coercive policies in some countries and disvalued in others, is a more mutualist vision really a priority, and should such a decision not be left to families themselves?