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tr.v. dis·val·ued, dis·val·u·ing, dis·val·ues
To regard as of little or no value: "Modern culture ... has disvalued chastity, fidelity, and also piety" (Peter Kreeft).
A negative value of something.


vb (tr)
to consider of little value


(dɪsˈvæl yu)

n., v. -ued, -u•ing. n.
1. disesteem; disparagement.
2. Archaic. to depreciate; disparage.
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At one level, consciousness's being alive to reasons is a matter of the affective perception of values and disvalues as features of phenomenal objects (Section 2).
a) That for any organism, including humans, the life of the organism is the ultimate value that determines what other things are values or disvalues for it.
Just as prejudice is seated in disvalues (that count one human as more valuable than another, one race as superior to another, one culture as inherently inferior to another etc), today's dysfunctional 'health care' system is grounded in whole sets of disvalues that place patient safety secondary to profit, necessary community services secondary to over-reimbursed services, and employee loyalty to the organization above their own.
According to this thesis, "virtues and vices are understood derivatively as forms of responsiveness to, or as instrumental in the promotion of (or minimization of respectively) 'base-level' goods or evils, or intrinsic values or disvalues, understood non-aretaically" (34).
Herodotos more frequently tags unverifiable reports and disvalues the "unknown unknowns.
the bondage to decay with the disvalues of evolution.
The fact that one person in a fishing village may value the taste of salmon and disvalue the taste of mackerel, while another values the taste of mackerel and disvalues the taste of salmon causes no problem unless they should have to share a meal.
We can also see the beginnings of a possible theodicy; values arise in evolution along with the disvalues.
Indeed the ecosystem becomes re-envisaged as a value transforming (and maximising) entity where all (subordinate) disvalues are "transmuted into value" (116).
Professor Chakraborty calls these values as disvalues for example, 'Jealousy' Aswathama was jealous of Arjun which guided the persistent demand made by him to his father Guru Dronacharya for being given the ultimate weapon the Brahmastra.
Abel (1963:113) kom, na 'n vergelyking van "the values and disvalues of tragedy and metatheatre", tot die gevolgtrekking dat "[m]etatheatre gives by far the stronger sense that the world is a projection of human consciousness".
Notwithstanding differences among proportionalists, all would agree, claims McCormick, that "causing certain disvalues .