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tr.v. dis·val·ued, dis·val·u·ing, dis·val·ues
To regard as of little or no value: "Modern culture ... has disvalued chastity, fidelity, and also piety" (Peter Kreeft).
A negative value of something.


vb (tr)
to consider of little value


(dɪsˈvæl yu)

n., v. -ued, -u•ing. n.
1. disesteem; disparagement.
2. Archaic. to depreciate; disparage.
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The superintelligence comes into conflict with another actor that disvalues suffering, so the superintelligence instantiates large numbers of suffering minds as a way of extorting the other entity.
These are examples of values or disvalues that are ultimately rooted in other people's flourishing, not our own.
The "only way" position, in contrast, is clear that values and disvalues are inseparable--it is the same processes that lead to the refinement of creaturely characteristics that also lead to suffering and extinction.
At one level, consciousness's being alive to reasons is a matter of the affective perception of values and disvalues as features of phenomenal objects (Section 2).
It revealed to the world, in the same way that the EDSA event had done, the moral fiber of the Filipino, often buried under tons of personal disvalues and cultural malaise.
In Language as Ideology, Hodge and Kress develop the connection between gesture and oral language by discussing the tendency to analyze only written language: " unconsciously, a community which is defined by its mastery of the written medium disvalues the resources of oral and gestural language, and hence the culture of its users" (11).
To ensure that a duty holder avoids behavior that disvalues the right holder's autonomy, a compensatory tort norm can prohibit behavior of this type, justifying extracompensatory damages that punish the duty holder for having engaged in such reprehensible behavior.
Values and disvalues alike have causal consequences.
We show that only if one disvalues a year in prison as greater than $43-$48 million would DOJ anticartel enforcement deter more anticompetitive conduct than does private enforcement.
Just as prejudice is seated in disvalues (that count one human as more valuable than another, one race as superior to another, one culture as inherently inferior to another etc), today's dysfunctional 'health care' system is grounded in whole sets of disvalues that place patient safety secondary to profit, necessary community services secondary to over-reimbursed services, and employee loyalty to the organization above their own.
Herodotos more frequently tags unverifiable reports and disvalues the "unknown unknowns.
6) On the contrary, human dignity is very valuable as a concept that refers to the worth of every human being as a meaning-seeking and--giving, multidimensional, moral person embedded in a world in which disvalues are so ubiquitous that almost no moral behavior can be perfectly good.