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Variant of ditzy.


or dit•zy

(ˈdɪt si)

adj. -si•er or -zi•er, -si•est or -zi•est. Slang.
giddy or silly; scatterbrained.
[1975–80, Amer.; expressive coinage]
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Emma, who played ditsy Alice Tinker, had a fatal heart attack last month, aged just 53.
With a ditsy floral pattern throughout, this beautiful white and yellow ceramic jug is ideal for serving up everything from milk to juices.
The Ditsy midi dress ([euro]120) and the floral print dress ([euro]108) are essential summer buys while the dreamy lemon lace dress ([euro]230) will cover you for all fancy dates.
Mum will love this ditsy utensil set in her kitchen.
Red is the big colour of autumn and is a great hue to balance out a lot of ditsy blooms
com A modern twist to the decade, you'll find ditsy prints, fringing and flares - there's something for everyone.
If it's ditsy, or cute with a nod to times gone by, my no-pattern rule is thrown to the wind
com Mamas & Papas Patternology Bird Cotbed Quilt WITH a bird print on one side and ditsy spots on the other, this reversible cotton percale quilt is soft next to delicate skin.
These days, Kelly has mostly ditched her old style and favours eighties influences, vintage shapes and minimalist silhouettes in a monochromatic colour palette - with the occasional ditsy floral or strong stripe - to enhance her killer curves.
She is Hollywood's original dumb, ditsy blonde, but Marilyn Monroe craved to be taken seriously.
With a total running time of 55 minutes, the individual pieces include Boogie Rock; Greetings; Move and Freeze; Watch me Listen; Calm Your Brain; You Are Heart; Wadlee Atcha; Itsy Ditsy Spider; Peace Lie a River; Skip Count; I Gotta Go; Nutrition Pyramid; Brain Game; Brain Breaks; Friends Connect; Team of Two; It's a Marvelous Day; Safe and Calm; and the title piece, Brain Boogie Boosters.