diurnal variation

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Noun1.diurnal variation - fluctuations that occur during each daydiurnal variation - fluctuations that occur during each day
variation, fluctuation - an instance of change; the rate or magnitude of change
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2009) detected different types of the diurnal variation in precipitation in the summer 1954-2001.
The Diurnal Variation in the Anisotropy of Diffusion Patterns Observed by J.
In this situation, diurnal variation in vision is a useful indicator that the corneal pathology is at least contributing to symptoms.
Diurnal variation is indeed a common finding for many biological constituents (39, 40), and we assume that the declining values seen in the current study represent apart (i.
In men under 40, these levels "undergo marked diurnal variation," sometimes soaring twice as high in the morning as in late evening "without any obvious change in behavior.
5,6) For example, the study by Sennels et al (5) demonstrated diurnal variation of hematology parameters.
24-28) Researching this phenomenon was beyond the scope of this study, but, based on information from other species, diurnal variation would not be likely to alter clinical interpretations of the Schirmer tear test or IOP in the bald eagle.
Moreover, the diurnal variation in children and adolescent performance is still poorly investigated (Huguet et al.
Determination of the diurnal variation of acute vascular thrombotic events might help us for protection of patients during vulnerable periods.
We have confirmed that the circadian dyssynchrony seen in Non-24 extends beyond the melatonin rhythm and the sleep-wake cycle and into the dyssynchrony of the fundamental diurnal variation of endocrine system function as exemplified by the circadian rhythm of cortisol," said Mihael H.
The normal diurnal variation can be clearly seen on the blue trace (representing the vertical component) plus the traffic-induced noise on the red trace that I suffer from, other than the two hour break following the end of the milkman's deliveries at 02:30 UTC, despite the magnetometer being located 25 metres from the road.