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A white crystalline solid, C9H10Cl2N2O, used as an agricultural herbicide.

[di- + ur(ea) + -on.]


a type of herbicide used to kill pre-emergent weeds


(ˈdaɪ əˌrɒn)

a white crystalline substance, C9H10Cl2N2O, used as a weed-killer.
[1955–60; di(chlorophenyl)]
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Troy developed Polyphase S99 to provide coatings manufacturers with an innovative alternative to Diuron that still offers performance and use benefits comparable to Polyphase 663," said Troy's Izzy Colon, vice president, Science & Technology.
This surge in their use has occurred in part as paints containing rival carbendazim and diuron products now need to carry enhanced Environmental warnings on their labels at normal use levels because of toxicological concerns expressed by regulatory bodies in certain markets.
Jiangsu Lanfeng can supply diuron at present with its 4,000t/a technical capacity.
In addition, certain actives such as carbendazim and diuron, which have found widespread use in blends, have come under increasing serutiny because of California Proposition #65 and the EU's Biocidal Products Directive, according to Hertenberger, although they remain a key technology in Southeast Asia and Latin America.
Sorption of carbofuran and diuron pesticides in 43 tropical soils of Sri Lanka.
Dicyandiamide was employed as the curing agent with diuron as a cure accelerator.
Table 2 -experimental HyTemp ACM polymer: 100 (dual carboxyl/chlorine cure site) Stearic acid 1 Octylated diphenylamine 2 Fatty acid ester 2 N326 HAF, carbon black 90 Ether/ester plasticizer 5 Sodium stearate 4 Diuron 2 206 [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] Table 4 Screw type: Double wave: constant double and single lead feed screw Screw diameter: 38 mm L/D ratio: 20:1 Compression ratio: 2:1 Tube die: 11 mm internal diameter 15 mm outer diameter Tube die: Electrically heated Die land length: 1x = 6mm 2x = 12mm
This fine grade of dicyaniamide is also available predispersed with a choice of accelerators, including monuron, diuron, fenuron, chlortolurone, or new TDI bifunctional uron.
Frequency is especially effective when paired with residual products such as Journey([R]) herbicide, Sahara([R]) herbicide, Payload([TM]), Portfolio([R]) or diuron.
Based on world-leading preservative technologies 1PBC, BCM, and Diuron, 963 offers long-term performance and lowest cost-in-use.
4) benzene/fungicide Diuron Substituted urea/herbicide 53.
DCOIT +++ (+) AOX, low UV stability, (a) strong sensitizer, (a) pH limitations (a) Chlorothalonil +++ - chalking, AOX, activity spectrum gaps ZNP +++ (+) discoloration, (a) solubility (a) (pH-dependent), UV stability (a) Diuron - +++ solubility (a) (leaches) Triazines - ++ - +++ severe EU labeling, eco- toxicity (a) (a) Can be modified with "protection" technology.