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 (dī′və-gāt′, dĭv′ə-)
intr.v. di·va·gat·ed, di·va·gat·ing, di·va·gates
1. To wander or drift about.
2. To ramble; digress.

[Late Latin dīvagārī, dīvagāt- : Latin dī-, dis-, apart; see dis- + Latin vagārī, to wander (from vagus, wandering).]

di′va·ga′tion n.


(intr) rare to digress or wander
[C16: from Latin di-2 + vagārī to wander]
ˌdivaˈgation n


(ˈdaɪ vəˌgeɪt)

v.i. -gat•ed, -gat•ing.
1. to wander; stray.
2. to digress in speech.
[1590–1600; < Latin dīvagātus, past participle of dīvagārī to wander off =dī- di-2 + vagārī to wander]
di`va•ga′tion, n.


Past participle: divagated
Gerund: divagating

I divagate
you divagate
he/she/it divagates
we divagate
you divagate
they divagate
I divagated
you divagated
he/she/it divagated
we divagated
you divagated
they divagated
Present Continuous
I am divagating
you are divagating
he/she/it is divagating
we are divagating
you are divagating
they are divagating
Present Perfect
I have divagated
you have divagated
he/she/it has divagated
we have divagated
you have divagated
they have divagated
Past Continuous
I was divagating
you were divagating
he/she/it was divagating
we were divagating
you were divagating
they were divagating
Past Perfect
I had divagated
you had divagated
he/she/it had divagated
we had divagated
you had divagated
they had divagated
I will divagate
you will divagate
he/she/it will divagate
we will divagate
you will divagate
they will divagate
Future Perfect
I will have divagated
you will have divagated
he/she/it will have divagated
we will have divagated
you will have divagated
they will have divagated
Future Continuous
I will be divagating
you will be divagating
he/she/it will be divagating
we will be divagating
you will be divagating
they will be divagating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been divagating
you have been divagating
he/she/it has been divagating
we have been divagating
you have been divagating
they have been divagating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been divagating
you will have been divagating
he/she/it will have been divagating
we will have been divagating
you will have been divagating
they will have been divagating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been divagating
you had been divagating
he/she/it had been divagating
we had been divagating
you had been divagating
they had been divagating
I would divagate
you would divagate
he/she/it would divagate
we would divagate
you would divagate
they would divagate
Past Conditional
I would have divagated
you would have divagated
he/she/it would have divagated
we would have divagated
you would have divagated
they would have divagated
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Verb1.divagate - lose clarity or turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument in writing, thinking, or speaking; "She always digresses when telling a story"; "her mind wanders"; "Don't digress when you give a lecture"
tell - let something be known; "Tell them that you will be late"


To turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking:
Idiom: go off at a tangent.
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If the majority of the lecture courses from the Collected Edition document the subtle shifts and divagations on Heidegger's notoriously difficult thought path, this set of lectures underscores a genuinely significant turn in the way Heidegger approaches his defining task of raising anew the "question of being.
De ce fait, tout se passe comme si l'Afrique reelle etait moins celle que decrivent les "africanistes" et qui se caracterise par une volonte d'autarcie et d'enfermement sur soi que l'espace ouvert et sans cesse en mutation dans lequel s'inscrivent les tenants de la litterature-monde; comme si la dynamique transnationale, loin d'etre portee par les divagations d'une diaspora occidentalisee, participait en realite de la veritable tradition africaine.
How do you explain your own fascination with letters as attested by your essays "Z is for Saffron," "Ta is for Talisman," and "Ghayn: Divagations on a Letter in Motion"?
Yet in spite of, or because of, all this, Calcutta is also a city with its own particular spleen, which Chaudhuri (a reverent if still reluctant denizen rather than a full-fledged, pukka citizen) pursues through a montage of personal memories, domestic scenes, street conversations, parlor interviews, gourmand explorations and divagations, literary references and bits of historical information, and family history.
The first two of these novels foreground the stream-of-consciousness Faulkner, the writer who fashioned a kind of neural discourse, indeed neural poetry, that was new to American literature: the tortured divagations of idiot Benjy and suicidal Quentin and son-of-a-bitch Jason Compson, each delivering his painful aria to Caddy who loved and left; and the in-the-deep and on-the-fly renditions of traumatized Bundrens: Dari the precarious one who invades others with his vision, Vardaman the unhinged child, Cash the homespun raisonneur, Dewey Dell with growing seed, Jewel the primitive and pure.
Certains se lancent dans la deviation, le crime, l'addiction et sont entraEnes par les divagations des groupes fondamentalistes, le porte-parole d'Allah.
The book's chapters unite new essays with previously published material, and exhibit the divagations of a powerful intellect and comparatist sensibility across a two-decade period.
Given that Sehgal often targets the art world's ecosystem, this critic begins to feel that his own convoluted divagations are anticipated, nay, encouraged--complicit with a dialectical conspiracy that intensifies with each attempt at escape.
The side-to-side divagations and rolling indents of the form give this mind/body adventure a full verisimilitude it would surely lack otherwise.
Few poets have ever so invested themselves in intricate, idiosyncratic form (I am not talking the obviousness of verse here), and its maneuvers invite sudden shifts of direction, interesting subjects, abrupt divagations, patience coupled with a readiness for surprise, all necessary to the adept of the field.
Contemptuous of the dumbing down of culture, Kitaj presupposed the existence of an intelligent and intellectually curious audience willing to meet him halfway in his divagations through painting into areas of human experience habitually assumed to be outside the realm of painting.
Abrindo mao da tradicao crista, humanistica e ate mesmo literaria, Mallarme repele a intromissao do presente, recusa-se a humanizacao, e vislumbra do futuro apenas um estado completo de solidao, uma vez que o poeta nao tem outra coisa a fazer senao trabalhar misteriosamente, tendo em vista o jamais, conforme nos adverte em Divagations (1976), fazendo eco as palavras agourentas do corvo de Poe: nevermore, nevermore