dive in

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w>dive in

(swimmer)(mit dem Kopf voraus) hineinspringen
(inf: = start to eat) dive in!hau(t) rein! (inf)
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I would rather wait until we can get the right one rather than dive in for diving in's sake.
DIVE IN will be available to all Web users, and enriched versions for cable modem customers will be developed over time.
For each city, DIVE IN will bring together a broad spectrum of information ranging from comprehensive community calendars to easy-to-read maps; from information on city council meetings to traffic reports and school lunch menus.
For example, DIVE IN users will be able to locate area doctors, plan a weekend getaway, or download coupons for a neighborhood business.
Through communications tools, DIVE IN will tap into the pulse of each community by encouraging users to share their views, vote in polls on hot issues, and contribute reviews of web sites, recreational venues and local activities.
DIVE IN users will be able to create customized calendars, select the categories that automatically appear on their DIVE IN homepages, and organize frequently used e-mail addresses and favorite web sites.