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n. pl. di·ver·gen·cies
1. The state of being divergent.
2. A divergence or deviation.


(dɪˈvɜr dʒən si, daɪ-)

n., pl. -cies.
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Noun1.divergency - an infinite series that has no limit
series - (mathematics) the sum of a finite or infinite sequence of expressions
convergency, convergence - the approach of an infinite series to a finite limit
2.divergency - the act of moving away in different direction from a common pointdivergency - the act of moving away in different direction from a common point; "an angle is formed by the divergence of two straight lines"
separation - the act of dividing or disconnecting


2. A departing from what is prescribed:
4. The condition of being divided, as in opinion:
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a very, very early member of the tarsier lineage, arising very close to the evolutionary divergency that gave rise to that line and the anthropoid families.
Kuplent says UCBC will look to distinguish itself from other craft breweries through its unique brewing philosophy--"Beer Divergency," that he described as a "new world meets old world" brewing approach wherein UCBC balances its portfolio with artisanal interpretations of modern American styles, and classically-made versions of fundamental European beer styles.
with the observation that "[t]he divergency of their viewpoints