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 (dĭ-vûrs′, dī-, dī′vûrs′)
1. Differing one from another: Members of the same family can have very diverse personalities.
a. Made up of distinct characteristics, qualities, or elements: "Prague ... offers visitors a series of excursions into a rich and diverse past" (Olivier Bernier).
b. Relating to or containing people from different ethnicities and social backgrounds: a diverse workforce; a diverse curriculum.

[Middle English divers, from Old French divers, from Latin dīversus, past participle of dīvertere, to divert; see divert.]

di·verse′ly adv.
di·verse′ness n.
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Adv.1.diversely - in diverse ways; "the alternatives that are variously represented by the participants"; "the speakers treated the subject most diversely"
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(daiˈvəːs) adjective
different; of various kinds.
diˈversely adverb
diˈverseness noun
diˈversify (-fai) verb
to make or become varied or different.
diˈversity noun
References in classic literature ?
So that although the same tribute and tax, laid by consent or by imposing, be all one to the purse, yet it works diversely upon the courage.
An interesting innovation, diversely judged at the time and since, was Spenser's deliberate employment of rustic and archaic words, especially of the Northern dialect, which he introduced partly because of their appropriateness to the imaginary characters, partly for the sake of freshness of expression.
For our purposes, it is not important to determine what exactly is the sensational core in any case; it is only important to notice that there certainly is a sensational core, since habit, expectation and interpretation are diversely aroused on diverse occasions, and the diversity is clearly due to differences in what is presented to the senses.
Walker was one of those American ladies who, while residing abroad, make a point, in their own phrase, of studying European society, and she had on this occasion collected several specimens of her diversely born fellow mortals to serve, as it were, as textbooks.
The volume concludes with three wide-ranging essays that diversely engage with contemporary theoretical debates by drawing on the radial democratic legacy of Marxist theory.
The boards of directors and executive teams of both PharmaCielo and PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings are comprised of a diversely talented group of international business executives and specialists with relevant and varied expertise.
To be included in the distinguished and diversely talented company of the other Companions of Honour, especially as a female writer, is a particular privilege.
She says "to be included in the distinguished and diversely talented company of the other Companions of Honor, especially as a female writer, is a particular privilege.
for a private dedicated network (PDN), to diversely backhaul traffic from its U.
It was, however, disheartening to hear speakers say something to the effect of, "The CEO is not going to make it a priority to hire diversely, or make the company's culture better, unless it's required by law or boosts the bottom line.
This activity aims to encourage youthful Filipino visionaries, particularly architecture and engineering students, to deepen their appreciation of our diversely rich history,' Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo said on Monday.
Phase two of Diyar Homes consists of 196 residential units that are diversely designed to reflect the culture of Bahrain and its traditional heritage, said a statement from Diyar Al Muharraq.