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 (də-vûr′tĭs-mənt, dē-vĕr-tēs-mäN′)
1. A short performance, typically a ballet, that is presented as an interlude in an opera, play, or other entertainment.
2. Music See divertimento.
3. A diversion; an amusement.

[French, from divertir, to divert, from Old French; see divert.]


(dɪˈvɜːtɪsmənt; French divɛrtismɑ̃)
1. (Theatre) a brief entertainment or diversion, usually between the acts of a play
2. (Music, other) music
a. a fantasia on popular melodies; potpourri
b. a piece or pieces written to be played during the intervals in a play, opera, etc
c. another word for divertimento
[C18: from French: entertainment]


(dɪˈvɜr tɪs mənt; Fr. di vɛr tisˈmɑ̃)

n., pl. -ments (-mənts; Fr. -ˈmɑ̃)
1. a diversion or entertainment.
3. a short ballet or other performance serving as an interlude in a play, opera, etc.
[1720–30; < French divertisse-, s. of divertir to divert]


1. Originally a danced interlude in an opera, a selfcontained series of dances inserted in the main ballet, such as when the main characters sit to watch an entertainment, usually designed to show off technique.
2. A fantasia on well-known tunes.
References in classic literature ?
The baiting of the blacks was Tarzan's chief divertissement.
One of Tarzan's chief divertissements was the baiting of the blacks.
Au cours des dix prochaines annees, l'Arabie saoudite prevoit egalement d'investir 64 milliards de dollars dans l'industrie du divertissement.
Since their inception, the Swiss Days participated in ensuring the diffusion, in this country, of Switzerland's best culture of divertissement and we are therefore very proud to have been able to support this journey from its very beginning," said Maya Tissafi, Ambassador of Switzerland to the United Arab Emirates.
Selon la patronne de la HACA, ce Kit pedagogique comprend un referentiel normatif, conceptuel et methodologique accompagne de fascicules thematiques notamment sur le traitement de l'information, de la fiction et du divertissement.
The great Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi was obligated to add a ballet divertissement to all his operas when performed in Paris.
Summer workshop will run April 17- May 27 and will culminate with a concert, 'Summer Dance Divertissement 2017,' at Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila on May 27.
Hormis le cote ludique et le divertissement que procure la lecture, une interrogation s'impose : a quel point sommes-nous toujours africains ?
Une etude publiee par un centre americain relevant du district de Columbia a avance que le nombre des filles et des femmes tunisiennes parties en Syrie pour pratiquer jihad nikah s'eleve a 96, et que 18 d'entre elles ont trouve la mort dans les combats, indiquant qu'elles etaient confinees aux au sexe et au divertissement.
Poets know that plot is at best an accomplished divertissement, at worst a distraction, a self-justifying invitation to ignore the exotic, coaxing lure of words--the evocative musical surface of the text, the immediacy of vowels and consonants at serious play--and to ignore the clean world-ness of images themselves--the density of immersion in event, the collisions of angles, forms, and color that become, within the curious dynamic of memory, the past that, in turn, shapes (and distorts) the integrity of the self.
Cette manifestation culturelle sera marquee par la signature d'une convention de cooperation et de partenariat entre les deux villes jumelees pour la realisation d'un projet de reconversion du depot communal en un grand espace de divertissement dedie aux habitants d'Oujda, a-t-il souligne.
Le Festival visait a stimuler le tourisme interieur en jetant la lumiere sur les sites touristiques antiques, religieux et de divertissement.