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 (də-vûr′tĭs-mənt, dē-vĕr-tēs-mäN′)
1. A short performance, typically a ballet, that is presented as an interlude in an opera, play, or other entertainment.
2. Music See divertimento.
3. A diversion; an amusement.

[French, from divertir, to divert, from Old French; see divert.]


(dɪˈvɜːtɪsmənt; French divɛrtismɑ̃)
1. (Theatre) a brief entertainment or diversion, usually between the acts of a play
2. (Music, other) music
a. a fantasia on popular melodies; potpourri
b. a piece or pieces written to be played during the intervals in a play, opera, etc
c. another word for divertimento
[C18: from French: entertainment]


(dɪˈvɜr tɪs mənt; Fr. di vɛr tisˈmɑ̃)

n., pl. -ments (-mənts; Fr. -ˈmɑ̃)
1. a diversion or entertainment.
3. a short ballet or other performance serving as an interlude in a play, opera, etc.
[1720–30; < French divertisse-, s. of divertir to divert]


1. Originally a danced interlude in an opera, a selfcontained series of dances inserted in the main ballet, such as when the main characters sit to watch an entertainment, usually designed to show off technique.
2. A fantasia on well-known tunes.
References in classic literature ?
One of Tarzan's chief divertissements was the baiting of the blacks.
The baiting of the blacks was Tarzan's chief divertissement.
Il a, dans ce contexte, appele les citoyens et les agents de securite a la vigilance, surtout dans les endroits publics et les espaces de divertissements (les grandes surfaces, les plagesAa).
L'indice STOXX Europe 600 concernant les voyages et divertissements a chute de2,33%.
Nouveaux divertissements Autres temps, autres m&oelig;urs.
I don't think much of the original 19th-century divertissements remain intact, so most of the choreography for Act II comes from the 20th century, which most certainly does not give us an excuse to claim these dances as 'original ballet culture.
In this year's performance, the students of the School present Peter and the Wolf, choreographed by Carole Alexis to the music of Sergei Prokofiev, and divertissements, while the professional dancers of Ballet des Ameriques present pieces from the repertoire of the Company.
Contents: Caprice, Robert Planel; Chanson Du Forestier, Guillaume Balay; Air de Chasse, Louis Piantoni; Sonata for Horn and Piano, Xavier Leroux; Pour Diane, Jacques Charpentier; Chassacor, Roger Boutry; La Chasse de Saint Hubert, Henri Biisser; Sur les Cimes, Bozza; Andante et Presto, Gabriel Noel-Gallon; Sarabande, Marcel Poot; Chant Lointain, Bozza; Cantilene et Divertissements, Alfred Desenclos.
Well, here he makes amends with The Nutcracker - symphonic and wellpaced in the narrative Act One, gorgeously poised and rhythmic in the Act Two divertissements.
Central to the evening was a series of divertissements in which the company pulled out all the stops for a series of breath-taking pas de deux.
Au nombre de celles-ci, on trouve une reception offerte par le lieutenant-gouverneur de la province, John Harvard, un diner-croisiere sur la riviere Rouge a bord d'un vapeur a aubes et un diner au Musee du Manitoba, avec divertissements par l'Aboriginal Walking Woof Hoop Dancer, le groupe de chansonniers folkloriques canadiens-francais La Bardasse et la compagnie de danse ukrainienne Rozmai.
Fourteen students from the Tokomu Temma Ballet School in Osaka will present a public Gala performance featuring Pas des Six, Swan Lake and divertissements from other classical ballets at the Grand Theatre in Swansea on August 3.