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v. di·vid·ed, di·vid·ing, di·vides
a. To separate into parts, sections, groups, or branches: divided the students into four groups. See Synonyms at separate.
b. To form a border or barrier between: A mountain chain divides France and Spain.
c. To sector into units of measurement; graduate: The ruler was divided into metric units.
d. To group according to kind; classify or assign: divided the plants into different species.
a. To cause to separate into opposing factions; disunite: "They want not to divide either the Revolution or the Church but to be an integral part of both" (Conor Cruise O'Brien).
b. To cause (members of a parliament) to vote by separating into groups, as pro and con.
3. To give out or apportion among a number: Volunteers divided the different jobs among themselves. See Synonyms at distribute.
4. Mathematics
a. To subject (a number) to the process of division: divided 20 by 4.
b. To be a divisor of: 3 divides 9.
c. To use (a number) as a divisor: divided 5 into 35.
a. To become separated into parts: The mixture will divide into several layers if left unagitated.
b. To branch out, as a river or a blood vessel.
c. To form into factions; take sides: The party divided evenly on the tax issue.
d. To vote by dividing.
2. Mathematics To perform the operation of division.
3. Biology To undergo cell division.
1. A dividing point or line: "would clearly tip the court ... across a dangerous constitutional divide" (Lawrence H. Tribe).
2. See watershed.
divide and conquer
1. To exploit one's opponents' internal rivalries or divisions so as to prevent them from unifying against oneself, so that they may be defeated one by one.
2. To divide one's own forces or personnel so as to deal with different tasks simultaneously.

[Middle English dividen, from Latin dīvidere : dī-, dis-, dis- + -videre, to separate.]

di·vid′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.dividable - can be divided usually without leaving a remainder; "15 is dividable by 3"
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
divisible - capable of being or liable to be divided or separated; "even numbers are divisible by two"; "the Americans fought a bloody war to prove that their nation is not divisible"


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Large, dividable hall with 1000 seats, terrace and garden festival;- Small Hall with 130 seats;- More than 400 square meters large, light-filled foyer, which can be connected to the halls;- Large catering kitchen;- Functional area with four flexible conference and club rooms.
As Merkel's predecessor, Gerhard Schroder noted the day after the 9/11 attacks, "Security is not dividable in our world.
Caspian is heterogeneous and dividable in to three sections of north, center and south that are separated from each other by major faults in basement.
MICE facilities: Large multi-function room dividable in three, three boardrooms (each 24-45 m2), and a business centre.
The uncertainty in property information is associated with the fact that sometimes not enough property information is available to properly understand matters like how is are layouts dividable in terms of leasable area or how does the technical condition impact operating expenses.
Catalent also provides specialised technologies such as our unique OSDrC[R] OptiDoseTM platform, that allow the manufacture of highly engineered tablets which enable all manner of formulations such as: combination products; pulsed release profiles; dividable tablets with discrete cores and; controlled release profiles.
It is 'the basis of infinity: the number three is very beautiful and not dividable in a certain sense'.
I do not think the vouchers issue is dividable into these dichotomous positions.
The most popular meeting space is the Maple and Oak Trivett Room, located in the main building, offering 3,000-square feet of flexible and dividable space that can accommodate between 180 and 200 people for banquets and receptions.
A dividable boot space allows plenty of kit to be hidden out of sight, and includes a handy shelf that can take loads of up to 10kg.