dividend warrant

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Noun1.dividend warrant - an order of payment (such as a check payable to a shareholder) in which a dividend is paid
bill of exchange, draft, order of payment - a document ordering the payment of money; drawn by one person or bank on another
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GREAT WAR John Irwin, 45, was brought before Mr J A Wade and accused of having stolen a dividend warrant for PS26,110 1s 7d on the 2nd inst.
During the month, the enforcement wing also received 12 complaints from investors mainly related to non-declaration of dividend, non-receipt of annual accounts, non-receipt of dividend warrant and issuance of duplicate shares.
It has further been advised that where a shareholder has specifically instructed a company to issue dividends in the name of any third person it should also be issued through a similarly crossed dividend warrant bearing the name of the nominated person.
Other unique benefits that DiamondXtra customers enjoy, include earning competitive monthly interest on savings, lodgment of cheques and dividend warrants from other banks into the account for value, access to quality healthcare for just N6,000.
Moreover, despite the expansion of e-Payment Channels and instruments, a variety of paper based instruments like cheques, Pay Orders, Demand Drafts, Telegraphic Transfer, Dividend Warrants etc.
On the other hand, e-dividend concept will remove the inefficiencies relating to the payment of dividend through dividend warrants.
6- Instead of issuing dividend warrants, banks and companies should promote e-dividends enabling shareholders to receive cash dividends through direct credit in their respective bank accounts.
As approved by the board, the date of dispatch of dividend warrants would be September 02, 2015 and date of payment of dividend would be September 09, 2015.
Payment of the interim dividend is scheduled for 2 April 2014 and the dividend warrants will be payable in India at par at all branches of State Bank of India, irrespective of the amount.
According to the rules, the AGM should be held within six months of the closing and issue of dividend warrants.
Dividend warrants will be posted on or about April 2, 1998.
E-dividend concept would remove the inefficiencies relating to the payment of dividend through dividend warrants.