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Noun1.diving event - an athletic competition that involves diving into waterdiving event - an athletic competition that involves diving into water
swim meet, swimming meet - a swimming competition between two or more teams
match - a formal contest in which two or more persons or teams compete
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Youngest player to play for England: Theo Walcott; 17 years and 75 days old against Hungary in May 2006GOLF Youngest player to play in a Major: Andy Zhang (China); 14 years and 6 months when he played in 2012 US OpenTENNIS Youngest to win a major: Martina 16 years and 188 days when she won Australian Open in 1997 OTHERS Youngest to win an Olympic gold medal: Marjorie Gestring (USA) won the three-metre Springboard Diving event in 1936 aged 13 years, 268 days.
She cemented her status at the 2012 London Olympic Games as one of the best divers in the history of the sport by being the first woman to win the gold medal in a diving event at three consecutive Olympic Games in the three-metre synchronised springboard.
In the pearl diving event, the Saudi team won QR50,000 for collecting the largest number of oysters while the UAE team won QR20,000 for collecting the largest number of pearls.
At least that's what everyone thought not before a cool and composed Broben grabbed the world attention with a perfect dive to claim the silver medal in the 10m diving event behind China's Roulin Chen.
WPI Invitational: Assumption freshman Michele Galanos set a school record in the 1-meter diving event with a score of 194.
In which diving event did Tom Daley win a bronze medal at London 2012?
The Girls Aloud singer, born in Heaton, Newcastle, was among millions of viewers who watched Tom Daley take part in the synchronised 10m platform diving event on Monday.
Daley and his partner Pete Waterfield finished fourth in the men's synchronised 10m platform diving event at the London Olympics.
This time it's Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield in training for the FINA World Series Diving event in Sheffield.
It was Ramsamy who called off the high board diving event at the Federation Cup even though it scheduled in the meet.
Halkitis' sky diving event has been organized by Skyline Parachuting -- the largest organizer of sponsored charity jumps in the UK.