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Noun1.diving event - an athletic competition that involves diving into waterdiving event - an athletic competition that involves diving into water
swim meet, swimming meet - a swimming competition between two or more teams
match - a formal contest in which two or more persons or teams compete
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OLYMPIC GOLD MARJORIE GESTRING was 13 years and 268 days old when she won the springboard diving event for the United States at the 1936 Olympic games.
Stanic was booked for his antics, though not before he had shoved Scotland goalkeeper Neil Sullivan, who was clearly furious about a leap that would not have been out of place in an Olympic diving event.
This includes dog dancing championships, agility competitions, an international flyball tournament along with the European dog diving event in the city, which has a human population of about 560,000.
Peng Jianfeng won the men's 1m diving event, and his Chinese teammate He Chao got the silver medal, while Italian diver Giovanni Tocci won the bronze medal.
The opening ceremony of the pearl diving event is today at 4pm, followed by Al Naham at 5.
Meanwhile, at 8pm Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow hope to feature for Great Britain in the women's 10m platform diving event.
Great Britain's Jack Laugher and Chris Mears also made national history by winning the men's synchronized 3-meter springboard gold, the first outright victory for their country in any diving event.
China's Chen Ruolin and Liu Huixia claimed gold in the women's synchronised 10 metre platform diving event, with Malaysia and Canada respectively taking the silver and bronze medals as the venue's pool turned a bright green hue.
In the diving event, the world's top 25 men and top 20 women's high divers will compete for a prize fund of over $118,000 (Dh433,400).
The country's entries in the diving event of the South East Asian Games 2015 became inadvertent laughingstocks in the World Wide Web.
STARTING THEM YOUNG: SPORTING PRODIGIESHingis; 16 years and 188 days when she won Australian Open in 1997 OTHERS Youngest to win an Olympic gold medal: Marjorie Gestring (USA) won the three-metre Springboard Diving event in 1936 aged 13 years, 268 days.