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The development is significant, experts say, because as animals' status in society has evolved, courts have struggled with the idea that they are property, like furniture, to be divvied up.
Roehrenbeck's titles and duties with Arvest will be divvied between Steven Plaisance, president and COO of Arvest Mortgage and Central Mortgage in Tulsa, who is CEO, and Phil Porter, COO of Arvest in Lowell, who is chairman.
Both pickup trucks and passenger cars are produced at the plant, with the vehicles divvied up between the two automakers for sale under their respective brands.
It was the only lucrative combination guaranteeing two big gates, divvied by four.
Profits rose 7% last year to pounds 38m, so how was that divvied out?
The state's top higher education board, the Board of Regents, announced how it expects those cuts to be divvied up among college systems.
This year, $100,000 will be divvied up in the form of Worcester Cultural Coalition grants for community-oriented arts, humanities and science projects in Worcester.
BOISE, Idaho -- Albertson's LLC yesterday reached an agreement with Supervalu for an extension through June 2009 of the two-year transition services pact that the two companies signed in June 2006 when they divvied up the assets of Albertson's, Inc.
All of the good opportunities are being divvied up while we're laying low.
C&W also is the agent for the building's landlord, Brookfield Properties, who took exclusive control of the building after it acquired the property's former owner, Trizec--whose assets it divvied with its partner in the acquisition, The Blackstone Group.
1 and AB 1381 is not declared unconstitutional, we don't know how the money will be divvied out to the schools and whether they'll receive it or not,'' board member Julie Korenstein said, alluding to the suit filed by the district and a coalition of groups and parents challenging the legality of the law.
Then, by crossing two laser beams to form thousands of light tubes capable of confining atoms, the team divvied up the atom cloud into a hundred-or-so atoms per tube.