divvy up

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Verb1.divvy up - give out as one's portion or sharedivvy up - give out as one's portion or share  
hand out, pass out, give out, distribute - give to several people; "The teacher handed out the exams"

w>divvy up

vt sep (= divide up)aufteilen
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Supreme Court upholds the way Texas and several other states divvy up legislative districts, Wisconsin Republican voters back Ted Cruz over GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, and Gov.
Still no progress: The foreign ministers of the five Caspian coastal states met last week in Moscow and failed for the 23rd year to agree on how to divvy up the Caspian in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The group of six will divvy up [euro]588,144 after six golden tickets won the top prize from the January 18 draw.
The Advocate reports the state has warned the strategy could backfire when it comes time to assess the performance measures used to divvy up state funding for schools--a concern a spokesman within the Southern System downplayed.
Concord: New Hampshire is among 32 states that will divvy up a $3 million settlement from Vonage Holdings Corp.
This doesn't help gay people in domestic partnerships or in state-recognized marriages, but even if the Fed doesn't acknowledge your relationship, you and your partner are still allowed to divvy up the credit for the new home.
Now we'regoing to have to wait weeks for the judge to divvy up the loot.
According to LMDC spokeswoman, Kori-Ann Taylor, plans to dissolve the agency and divvy up responsibility are still in the very early stages.
Later this month, the board will decide how to divvy up the remaining seats.
A more sensible approach is to divvy up the catch with tradable fishing rights, which promote conservation by tying it to the crabbers' self-interest.
Winners won't be hurting for kibble money: the top 5 teams in each stage divvy up $6,250, and the top 15 overall winners share an additional $50,000.