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DIY or d.i.y.
(in Britain and Canada) abbreviation for
1. do-it-yourself
DIˈYer n
Chiefly Brit. do-it-yourself.
DIY ABBR =do-it-yourselfbricolaje m

DIY [ˌdiːaɪˈwaɪ] (British)
nbricolage m
to do DIY → faire du bricolage
modif [products, shop] → de bricolage
a DIY shop → un magasin de bricolage DIY enthusiast
DIY enthusiast nbricoleur/euse m/f

DIY (Brit) abbr of do-it-yourself
nDo-it-yourself nt, → Heimwerken nt; she was doing some DIY over the weekendsie machte am Wochenende einige Heimwerkerarbeiten
adj productfür Heimwerker; DIY chainBaumarktkette f; DIY fan or enthusiastHeimwerker(in) m(f), → Do-it-yourself-Fan m; DIY kit (for household jobs) → Heimwerkerausrüstung f; (for businesses etc) → Starterpaket nt; (for car etc) → Bausatz m; DIY workHeimwerkerarbeiten pl; this is an easy DIY jobdas kann man leicht selber machen; you can tell it’s a DIY jobman kann sehen, dass hier ein Heimwerker am Werk war; DIY home improvementseigenhändige Modernisierung; they opted for a DIY divorcesie entschieden sich, ihre Scheidung selbst zu vereinbaren; DIY justiceSelbstjustiz f

DIY (ˌdiː ai ˈwai) abbreviation
do it yourself. a DIY shop/job.

DIY عَمَلِيَّةٌ تَفْعَلُها بِنَفْسَك kutilství gør-det-selv Heimwerken «Κάν’το μόνος σου» bricolaje tee-se-itse -työt bricolage uraditi sam fai da te 日曜大工 손수 하는 일 doe-het-zelven gjør-det-selv majsterkowanie bricolage , faça você mesmo сделай сам gör-det-själv ตัวย่อของทำด้วยตัวเอง kendin-yap việc tự làm 自己动手做

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