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 (dī′zī-gŏt′ĭk) or di·zy·gous (dī-zī′gəs)
Derived from two separately fertilized eggs. Used especially of fraternal twins.


(of twins) developed from two separately fertilized eggs


(ˌdaɪ zaɪˈgɒt ɪk)

also di•zy•gous

(daɪˈzaɪ gəs)

developed from two fertilized ova, as fraternal twins.
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Adj.1.dizygotic - derived from two separately fertilized eggs; "dizygotic twins"
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Genetics plays a role in dizygotic twinning, but there are also regional and temporal trends in dizygotic twinning (Bortolus et al.
11 more than those of dizygotic twins, which was not statistically significant--and this was the smallest difference of all measures studied, smaller than general intelligence, memory, verbal fluency, and many other measures.
Also, those women undergoing in vitro fertilisation and other fertility treatments have a higher risk of having twins, that are dizygotic, monozygotic or identical, or other multiples.
This study was also one of the first to be able to accurately calculate RRR, by including twice as many cases of ASD and more detailed family data, including monozygotic and dizygotic twins and cousins, than previous studies.
In 2 dizygotic twin cases (each discordant for aneuploidy), large regional fluctuations in ff were observed, consistent with dizygosity.
We note how de novo mutations may also help explain why the concordance rate for autism is so markedly higher in monozygotic than dizygotic twins.
of Subjects Total Approve (President) Co-Twin Monozygotic Dizygotic Yes Yes 59 (55.
Dizygotic twins, as they're called - identical twins are monozygotic - happen much more frequently and are more likely to be related to heredity.
We detail the rare event of natural twinning, the first documented case in the White-throated Sparrow, and use molecular findings to not only provide detail to the observation but also to confirm the dizygotic nature of the embryos.
3 increase in odds of low back pain associated with depression and anxiety on analysis of dizygotic (nonidentical) twins, who share half their genes.