dizygotic twins

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di·zy·got·ic twins

n., pl. gemelos dicigóticos, mellizos de embriones producidos por dos óvulos.
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Dizygotic twins, as they're called - identical twins are monozygotic - happen much more frequently and are more likely to be related to heredity.
A number of studies have already demonstrated the value of comparing disease rates in monozygotic versus dizygotic twins.
Overall, the correlations between monozygotic twins were greater than those for dizygotic twins for assaultive trauma across all same-sex and opposite-sex pairs, suggesting a genetic influence.
Bremner and fellow researchers are working on a study of dizygotic twins who are combat veterans.
Researchers have proposed, for example, that double ovulations, which are more frequently found among mothers of dizygotic twins, expose the ovarian epithelium to more trauma and repair, providing an opportunity for cellular mutation.
Interestingly, in patients younger than 50, concordance was dramatically different between monozygotic twins (where four of four twin pairs were concordant) and dizygotic twins (where only 2 of 12 twin pairs were concordant).
The presence of a genetic factor in schizophrenia is well documented by twin studies and adoption studies: Concordance rates are significantly higher among monozygotic than dizygotic twins, and prevalence of the disorder is higher among biologic than adoptive relatives of probands.
However, the extent to which baseline concentrations of CRP and SAA are genetically determined is of considerable interest, and we report here, for the first time, values in large well-matched cohorts of monozygotic (MZ) and dizygotic twins (DZ).
Don't be fooled into thinking that twins conceived through assisted reproductive technology (ART) necessarily are dichorionic, dizygotic twins, said Dr.
Interestingly, twin pregnancies may present with one or two placentas, and although dizygotic twins must have two placentas, monozygotic twins can be either mono- or bichorionic.
Mothers share the same number of genes with their children as dizygotic twins share with each other; yet the proportion of dizygotic twins who have IBS and a mother with IBS is significantly greater that the proportion of dizygotic twins with IBS who have a cotwin with IBS.
However, if one monozygotic twin had insomnia, their twin was more likely to have insomnia than if they were dizygotic twins," he said.