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adj. diz·zi·er, diz·zi·est
1. Having a whirling sensation and a tendency to fall.
a. Bewildered or confused: "I was dizzy with anger and shame" (Amy Benson).
b. Slang Scatterbrained or silly.
3. Producing or tending to produce giddiness: a dizzy height.
4. Characterized by impulsive haste; very rapid: "There he sat ... gabbing at his usual dizzy pace" (H.L. Mencken).
tr.v. diz·zied, diz·zy·ing, diz·zies
1. To cause to have a whirling sensation.
2. To confuse or bewilder.

[Middle English dusie, disi, from Old English dysig, foolish.]

diz′zi·ly adv.
diz′zi·ness n.
diz′zy·ing·ly adv.


in a dizzying manner
References in classic literature ?
Then she told them of another industry, her home-made jams and jellies, always contracted for in advance, and at prices dizzyingly beyond the regular market.
If you believe what you read, day traders have turned Net stocks into acrobats, perched tippy-toe-like on dizzyingly high valuations.
Pint-sized Jazz man Jamie Cullum's girlfriend Sophie Dahl is a dizzyingly seven inches taller.
And it's common to have up to 70 locally-brewed beers to choose from, some of which are dizzyingly potent.
At work, in the shops, while trying to engage in meaningful conversation - the possible solutions spin dizzyingly, teasingly through your thoughts.
There were dizzyingly difficult logistics involved in Saturday night's ``Pirates'' premiere: closing the park, erecting a temporary film screen on Tom Sawyer's Island, installing bleachers on the opposite shore, staffing the park to run some Adventureland rides for the 1,500 guests and serve huge buffets of food and soft drinks, not to mention the super-tight security (guards on the roofs of Main Street shops).
It's dizzyingly fast and it's ear-bleedingly loud, even including a live performance from Slipknot, and is about as much fun as repeatedly slamming your head into a steel door.
But whereas the quest for a better mousetrap can only lead to more insane ways to catch mice, Williams's dizzyingly imaginative videos, sculptures, and paintings prove how far these mediums can be stretched.
Hot on the heels of the superb Crank, Jason Statham is back with another dizzyingly frenetic action caper, this time co-starring Jet Li.
It has occurred to me over the past couple of days - whilst dizzyingly trying to find my way around my new university - that the level of trust within such establishments has been severely reduced.
But as reports predict a property crash, with as much as 30% being wiped off values in London, prices in Wales are expected to carry on rising in the coming months, albeit not so dizzyingly.
Added to the resiliency of those melodies, of course, were dizzyingly lyrical, musically groundbreaking solos and the playful tempos of Parker's first-rate accompanists.