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or djel·la·bah also jel·la·ba  (jə-lä′bə) or ga·la·bi·a (gə-lä′bē-ə)
A long, loose, hooded garment with full sleeves, worn especially in Muslim countries.

[French, from Arabic jallāba, variant of Arabic jallābīya (perhaps originally meaning "garment worn by traders"), from jallāb, trader, importer, from jalaba, to attract, bring, fetch, import; see glb in Semitic roots.]


(ˈdʒɛləbə) ,






(Clothing & Fashion) a kind of loose cloak with a hood, worn by men esp in North Africa and the Middle East
[from Arabic jallabah]


A long, loose, hooded cloak with wide sleeves, worn in many Muslim countries.
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Comme cette belle scene ou l'on voit une femme, foulard blanc sur la tete et Djellaba sombre marcher dans une rue de la median-Un corps comme tant d'autres que l'on croise matin et soir dans nos rues.
Cette exposition se veut une occasion de dire que la djellaba et le haik, au-dela de leur fonction vestimentaire traditionnelle, servaient a cacher les armes durant la guerre.
Its characters, dressed in traditional djellaba, are set in remote rural inland Morocco.
I was sitting in my East Jerusalem apartment in a Moroccan djellaba , Abdel Halim Hafez warbling from the stereo, sipping mint tea and reading a New Yorker article about this bizarre white woman who decided to become black one day.
The bearded maniac is then seen in a white djellaba robe sitting underneath a poster of the Islamic State flag.
According to the inventors, "The j3 is also designed with women in mind and will allow people to wear a djellaba, a mini skirt, a dress, a sari, a kimono or a kilt".
For instance, a photograph edited from Morocco showed Honig in djellaba attire resembling a Muslim woman.
One sports a long black-and-white djellaba, the other more colorful attire.
The minute you put your china cup down it's topped up with refreshing (but sugary) tazota tea, poured from a great height by waiters in colourful djellaba robes.
The women's djellaba can be differentiated by its use of bright colours and ornamentation consisting of more beads and embroidery.
She traveled with a wide-eyed toddler, who tugged at her headscarf and her djellaba with little whimpers.