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A goblet-shaped hand drum of West African origin.

[French djembé, from Mande jenbe.]


(Instruments) a W African drum played by beating with the hand
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Throughout the week, all pupils took part in an array of arts activities with artists including giant Chinese dragon-making and procession, African Djembe drumming and tribal mask making, Indian Bollywood dance and Indian rangoli making, Icelandic storytelling riddles and rhymes, French history re-enactment, crafts and language workshops, Indian food demonstrations and tasting, Spanish Gaudi mosaic making and Turkish Ebru marbling glass workshops.
The event features four-time Emmy award nominee Sharon Lawrence and six-time Grammy award nominee singer-songwriter Nnenna Freelon, a Djembe drumming group, African dancers, and live auction.
Between the two Turkish lessons, Roger Heinrich will be running a Djembe workshop from 6.
Listeners of all ages will enjoy this musical tour of cherished memories, as well as clever lyrics accompanied by instruments ranging from traditional guitar, drums, piano, and violin to the more flamboyant banjo, trombone, pennywhistle, accordion, bones, doumbec, and djembe.
The event features special guest DJ Ed Wolf from Dubai, who will perform alongside Skybar resident DJ Mysterioo Arif and Geo Safix live on the Djembe.
I was given claves (short percussion sticks) aged four as I wanted to hit things in the church choir" A chance encounter with a player of the djembe (a goblet-shaped African drum) confirmed that desire.
Taneli, a masters student at Huddersfield University, played three instruments the marimba, a type of large xylophone, the djembe African drum and the snare drum across five solo performances.
African Drums for All Mike Rinker leads djembe sessions to teach West African rhythms, 10:30 a.
Coco Mbassi's trademark themes - keeping the faith in the face of adversity, love, hope, memories and promises - are infused with a mixture of traditional African instruments, such as the djembe and the kora, sustained by haunting African acoustic guitar styles.
Today it includes canal boat workshops, speed shot football, an inflatable climbing wall, henna and face painting and fairground rides, as well as performances from the Chinese Dance School, Bollywood Dancers, and Djembe drummers.
Sembeh Ma Fa Fe: Roots Volume is another collection of grassroots soul, folk, salsa, and djembe (a goblet-drum played with bare hands) music from Guinea.
Included in the theme during the Sahara Spring Promotion are a host of activities and displays including an African acrobatics display, with supple and flexible performers showcasing stunning moves, a safari-themed African Hunters' parade featuring stilt walkers and other entertainers, and Djembe Workshops; the djembe being a skin-covered drum played with the bare hands.