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The act or action of doing good, especially naively in humanitarian causes.

do′-good′ing adj.
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Erdogan finds it difficult to deal with do-gooding European leaders.
The company, he says, will accept any project, as long as the product is legal, but he admits Grey also has a passion for do-gooding.
With its badges for do-gooding and stamp-collecting, and the way it called Sellotape "sticky-backed plastic", it seemed aimed purely at swots who wanted to wear shorts until they became prefects.
99) HHHH H WHILE the supporting cast of school kids fit into neat stereotypes - pretty, bitchy girls, do-gooding religious types, classic mouthy jocks - in Jennifer Niven's latest young adult book, Holding Up The Universe, our leads thankfully do not.
Yes, with Sport Relief this Friday it's time once again for BBC1's do-gooding token gesture Famous, Rich and Homeless, with the B&B resident snooker player, Nick Hancock, Julia Bradbury and bog scrubber Kim Woodburn.
On land is Chris Pine's Bernie Webber, a timid, do-gooding Guardsman stationed in Chatham.
ETHICAL investment is no longer the preserve of the do-gooding fringe of finance but has become the business of us all, the Archbishop of Wales will say in Car-W diff today.
But just two years later she turned her back on a lucrative career and made the transition to do-gooding Christian housewife after complaining that she "felt like a piece of meat".
Theroux, throughout, is guided by his sympathy for the underdog, his fierce suspicion of do-gooding outsiders and his moral outrage at political and corporate power-abusers.
Are the social services so contaminated with hand-wringing do-gooding that they use any excuse to promote their ideological agendas?
As ever, it's a mix of do-gooding decoration and heartwarming wallpaper hanging with results that'll bring a lump in your throat.
The award has been around since 2007 (when it was called the Brick award) and is given annually to up to five young people, while do-gooding celebs also get a shout out.