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Of, relating to, or designed to be done by an amateur or as a hobby: do-it-yourself home repairs; a do-it-yourself sailboat kit.

do′-it-your·self′er n.


a. the hobby or process of constructing and repairing things oneself
b. (as modifier): a do-it-yourself kit.


(ˈdu ɪ tʃərˈsɛlf, -ɪt yər-)

1. designed for use by amateurs without special training.
2. the practice or hobby of building or repairing things for oneself, usu. in one's own home.
do′-it-your•self′er, n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - done by yourself; "their house was a do-it-yourself project"; "he opened a do-it-yourself store"
homemade - made or produced in the home or by yourself; "homemade bread"


adjective DIY, home improvements, painting and decorating You can buy the tools at a do-it-yourself store.


A. Nbricolaje m
B. CPD do-it-yourself enthusiast, do-it-yourself expert Naficionado/a m/f al bricolaje
do-it-yourself kit Nmodelo m para armar
do-it-yourself shop Ntienda f de bricolaje


[ˈduːɪtjəˈsɛlf] nfai da te m inv, bricolage m inv
do-it-yourself magazine → rivista di bricolage
do-it-yourself store → negozio di bricolage


(duː) 3rd person singular present tense does (daz) : past tense did (did) : past participle done (dan) : negative short forms don't (dount) doesn't (ˈdaznt) , didn't (ˈdidnt) verb
1. used with a more important verb in questions and negative statements. Do you smoke?
2. used with a more important verb for emphasis; (I did buy a ticket but I must have lost it) ; (Do sit down) .
3. used to avoid repeating a verb which comes immediately before. I thought she wouldn't come, but she did.
4. used with a more important verb after seldom, ~rarely and little. Little did he know what was in store for him.
5. to carry out or perform. What shall I do?; That was a terrible thing to do.
6. to manage to finish or complete. When you've done that, you can start on this; We did a hundred kilometres in an hour.
7. to perform an activity concerning something. to do the washing; to do the garden / the windows.
8. to be enough or suitable for a purpose. Will this piece of fish do two of us?; That'll do nicely; Do you want me to look for a blue one or will a pink one do?; Will next Saturday do for our next meeting?
9. to work at or study. She's doing sums; He's at university doing science.
10. to manage or prosper. How's your wife doing?; My son is doing well at school.
11. to put in order or arrange. She's doing her hair.
12. to act or behave. Why don't you do as we do?
13. to give or show. The whole town gathered to do him honour.
14. to cause. What damage did the storm do?; It won't do him any harm.
15. to see everything and visit everything in. They tried to do London in four days.
nounplural do's
an affair or a festivity, especially a party. The school is having a do for Christmas.
ˈdoer noun
a person who does something. an evildoer; a doer of good deeds.
ˈdoings noun plural
the things which a person does. He tells me about all your doings.
done (dan) adjective
1. finished or complete. That's that job done at last.
2. (of food) completely cooked and ready to eat. I don't think the meat is quite done yet.
3. socially accepted. the done thing.
ˌdo-it-yourˈself noun, adjective
(of) the art or practice of doing one's own decorating, repairs etc (also DIY). I've just bought a book on do-it-yourself so I can try to tile the bathroom; a do-it-yourself job.
a fuss. a tremendous to-do about the missing papers.
I/he etc could be doing with / could do with
it would be better if I, he etc had or did (something). I could do with a cup of coffee.
do away with
to get rid of. They did away with uniforms at that school years ago.
do for
to kill or cause the end of. That attack of flu almost did for him.
done for
ruined, defeated or about to be killed etc. The police are coming – run for it or we're done for!
done in
do out
to clean thoroughly. The room's tidy – I did it out yesterday.
do out of
to prevent from getting, especially by using dishonest methods. My boss tried to do me out of a day's holiday.
do's and don'ts (dounts)
rules or advice for action. If you want to lose weight, I can give you a list of do's and don'ts.
do without
to manage without and accept the lack of. We'll just have to do without a phone; If you're too lazy to fetch the ice-cream you can just do without; I can do without your opinion, if you don't mind.
to do with
1. (with have) to have dealings with. I never had anything to do with the neighbours.
2. (with have) to be involved in, especially to be (partly) responsible for. Did you have anything to do with her death?
3. (with have) to be connected with. Has this decision anything to do with what I said yesterday?
4. (with be or have) to be about or concerned with. This letter is/has to do with Bill's plans for the summer.
5. (with have) to be the concern of. I'm sorry, but that question has nothing to do with me; What has that (got) to do with him?
what are you etc doing with
1. why or how have you etc got. What are you doing with my umbrella?
2. what action are you etc taking about. What are they doing with the children during the day if they're both working?


عَمَلِيَّةٌ تَفْعَلُها بِنَفْسَك kutilství gør-det-selv Heimwerken «Κάν’το μόνος σου» bricolaje tee-se-itse -työt bricolage uraditi sam fai da te 日曜大工 손수 하는 일 doe-het-zelven gjør-det-selv majsterkowanie bricolage, faça você mesmo сделай сам gör-det-själv ตัวย่อของทำด้วยตัวเอง kendin-yap việc tự làm 自己动手做
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Its products are used by painters, plasterers, industry and do-it-yourselfers.
Backyard beekeeping appeals to two main groups of people: the environmentally conscious and the do-it-yourselfers.
They can "be laid by unskilled day laborers, volunteers and do-it-yourselfers," White said.
Though the devices aren't likely to create a major new source of revenue, the chain is betting that they'll appeal to forward-thinking contractors and do-it-yourselfers.
We recently discovered a convenient and affordable solution that is perfectly suited for both do-it-yourselfers and pros alike.
What's especially gratifying about this study is that do-it-yourselfers are voicing their preference.
Reflect for a moment on the shortcuts that even well-intentioned do-it-yourselfers might take in completing these permit-less improvements - shortcuts that would often be covered up by sheetrock, paint, fixtures and flooring.
Nearly 15,000 of these were weekend carpenters, a yearly figure far outpacing the 4,200 such do-it-yourselfers in 1991.
Half of its customers are do-it-yourselfers while the rest are auto shops.
Ambitious but overachieving do-it-yourselfers who think they fit the bill can call (888) 751-8088, or visit www.
As an easy-to-use reference for professionals and do-it-yourselfers wanting to embark on their own home building project, Estimating Home Building Costs showcases the intricate detailing of construction involving site purchasing, acquiring permits, services, foundations, superstructure, roofing, wiring, plumbing, insulation, trim and appliances Estimating Home Building Costs even discusses overhead, contingency and profit.
Sperry, a manufacturer of electrical test meters for do-it-yourselfers, vacated the building in June.