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A horse, especially a working farm horse.

[From Dobbin, alteration of Robin, nickname for Robert.]


1. a name for a horse, esp a workhorse, often used in children's tales, etc
2. (Agriculture) NZ a trolley for moving loose wool in a woolshed or shearing shed
[C16: from Robin, pet form of Robert]


(ˈdɒb ɪn)

a horse, esp. a quiet, plodding horse for farm work or family use.
[1590–1600; alter. of Robin, hypocoristic form of Robert]
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Noun1.dobbin - a quiet plodding workhorsedobbin - a quiet plodding workhorse    
workhorse - a horse used for plowing and hauling and other heavy labor
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Gee up, Dobbin, Gee ho, Dobbin, Gee up, Dobbin, Gee up, and gee ho - o - o!
I cannot tell you about it now, but when you are a very little older you will like to read of clever and disagreeable Becky Sharp, of dear Dobbin, and foolish Amelia, and all the rest of the interesting people Thackeray creates for us.
asks the black bonnet of the gray coat; and the hard-featured farmer reins up his grateful dobbin to inquire what you are doing where he sees no manure in the furrow, and recommends a little chip dirt, or any little waste stuff, or it may be ashes or plaster.
About noon they passed the gate which opened on to the large common, and old Dobbin toiled slowly up the hill, while Benjy pointed out a little deep dingle on the left, out of which welled a tiny stream.
It wasn't till they were just ready to go, and old Dobbin was harnessed, that Benjy broached the subject of his rheumatism again, detailing his symptoms one by one.
The famous little Becky Puppet has been pronounced to be uncommonly flexible in the joints, and lively on the wire; the Amelia Doll, though it has had a smaller circle of admirers, has yet been carved and dressed with the greatest care by the artist; the Dobbin Figure, though apparently clumsy, yet dances in a very amusing and natural manner; the Little Boys' Dance has been liked by some; and please to remark the richly dressed figure of the Wicked Nobleman, on which no expense has been spared, and which Old Nick will fetch away at the end of this singular performance.
Dobbins, had reached middle age with an unsatisfied ambition.
Well, of course I ain't going to tell old Dobbins on this little fool, because there's other ways of getting even on her, that ain't so mean; but what of it?
Dobbins straightened himself up, yawn- ed, then unlocked his desk, and reached for his book, but seemed undecided whether to take it out or leave it.
Dobbins had ever administered; and also received with indifference the added cruelty of a command to remain two hours after school should be dismissed -- for he knew who would wait for him outside till his captivity was done, and not count the tedious time as loss, either.
Dobbin contends that in France, absolutism enshrined an idea that democrats and socialists never challenged, that a strong central state was necessary to hold the nation together, and to protect it from local, selfish interests.
The most important things that are going on, the thing that will shape Afghanistan's future more than anything else is the political transition that will take place next year," Dobbin told the media here.