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 (dō′sənt, dō-sĕnt′)
1. A teacher or lecturer at some universities who is not a regular faculty member.
2. A lecturer or tour guide in a museum or cathedral.

[German Dozent, from Latin docēns, docent-, present participle of docēre, to teach; see dek- in Indo-European roots.]


1. a voluntary worker who acts as a guide in a museum, art gallery, etc
2. (Education) (in the US) a lecturer in some colleges or universities
[C19: from German Dozent, from Latin docēns from docēre to teach]
ˈdocentˌship n


(ˈdoʊ sənt; Ger. doʊˈtsɛnt)

2. a college or university lecturer.
3. a knowledgeable guide, esp. one who conducts visitors through a museum.
[1630–40; < German Dozent < Latin docent-, s. of docēns, present participle of docēre to teach]
do′cent•ship`, n.


, docible, docile - Docent comes from Latin docere, "to teach"; docible is "capable of learning" and docile first meant "teachable."
See also related terms for teacher.


A lecturer in some colleges or universities, especially one who is not a regular member of a faculty.
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Noun1.docent - a teacher at some universitiesdocent - a teacher at some universities  
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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Some of them date back 1,000 years, they think, when people began migrating up here from the Great Basin,'' said Robert Hoffman, a docent for Tomo Kahni State Historic Park, which was created in 1993 to protect a Kawaiisu village site occupied until the first half of the 20th century.
Docent Enterprise enriches the advanced competency management capabilities in C2MS, by providing customers with sophisticated learning management and analytical features to align skills and knowledge with critical organizational goals.
After a new docent is trained, he or she is placed in the pool of active docents--who periodically have an opportunity to volunteer for tour assignments based on their own time availabilities.
She's one of 17 teen-agers - from Sheldon, South Eugene, Churchill and Thurston high schools and Roosevelt Middle School - enrolled in the University of Oregon Museum of Art's Teen Docent Program.
will merge into Docent with the result that Click2learn and Docent will each become a wholly owned subsidiary of Hockey Merger Corporation.
Bob Bruner, a museum regular and Chatsworth resident of 39 years, is considering becoming a docent for the museum.
Click2learn (Nasdaq:CLKS) and Docent (Nasdaq:DCNT), leaders in the business performance and learning technology industry, today announced that, in a study entitled "The US e-Learning Market," global market research and growth consulting leader Frost and Sullivan, has awarded its 2004 Competitive Strategy Award to the new company resulting from the upcoming Click2learn-Docent merger.
And he's really enthusiastic about that job,'' said docent Pam Wright.
Reliability, Flexibility and Scalability of Docent Enterprise(TM)
LAKE LOS ANGELES - Antelope Valley Indian Museum will run a nine-week docent training course.
Leading Property and Casualty Insurer Praises Docent for Service
The Stagecoach Inn, that is my first love, but this has kind of taken over,'' said Stafford, leader of the presidential library's 190-strong docent association.