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dock 1

a. A platform extending from a shore over water, used to secure, protect, and provide access to a boat or ship; a pier.
b. docks An area along a commercial waterfront having docks or piers.
c. The area of water between two piers or alongside a pier that receives a vessel for loading, unloading, or repairs: The boat moved slowly into the dock.
2. A floating platform attached to a mooring and used as a rest or play area when swimming.
3. A platform or door at which trucks or trains load or unload cargo.
4. Computers See docking station.
v. docked, dock·ing, docks
1. To maneuver (a vessel or vehicle) into or next to a dock.
2. To couple (two or more spacecraft, for example) in space.
To move or come into or next to a dock.

[Early Modern English dok, area of mud in which a ship can rest at low tide, dock; akin to Middle Dutch docke, area of water between two piers or alongside a pier, of unknown origin.]

dock 2

1. The solid or fleshy part of an animal's tail.
2. The tail of an animal after it has been bobbed or clipped.
tr.v. docked, dock·ing, docks
1. To clip short or cut off (an animal's tail, for example).
2. To deprive of a benefit or a part of one's wages, especially as a punishment: The company docks its employees for unauthorized absences.
3. To withhold or deduct a part from (one's salary or wages).

[Middle English dok.]

dock 3

A demarcated or enclosed space where the defendant stands or sits in a court of law.
in the dock
On trial or under intense scrutiny.

[Obsolete Flemish docke, cage.]

dock 4

See sorrel1.

[Middle English, from Old English docce.]


1. (Nautical Terms) the act of mooring (a vessel) at a dock or (of a vessel) being moored at a dock
2. (Biochemistry) (in molecular biology) a method which predicts the preferred orientation of one molecule to a second when bound to each other to form a stable complex
3. (Astronautics) (of two spacecraft) the act of linking together in space


(Veterinary Science) the removal of the tail or part of the tail of an animal by cutting through the bone
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Noun1.docking - the act of securing an arriving vessel with ropesdocking - the act of securing an arriving vessel with ropes
arrival - the act of arriving at a certain place; "they awaited her arrival"


A. N [of spacecraft] → atraque m, acoplamiento m
B. CPD docking manoeuvre, docking maneuver (US) Nmaniobra f de atraque


n (Space) → Docking nt (spec), → Ankoppelung f


docking manoeuvre
n (Space) → (An)koppelungsmanöver nt
docking station
(Space) → (Welt)raumstation f
(for digital camera) → Dockingstation f
docking techniques
pl (Space) → (An)koppelungstechnik f
docking time
nLiegezeit f


[ˈdɒkɪŋ] n
a. (of animals) → taglio della coda
b. (of space vehicle) → aggancio
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This compact extender also allows docking with most dockable accessories, such as speaker systems, alarm clocks, iHome Stereo docks, and JVC kits, and Apple iPad VGA cables.
One strategy they frequently adopt is cross docking, the practice of expediting the flow of product from receiving to shipping with a minimum of handling in between.
The possibility for growth is there as long as the Valparaiso community and tour operators promote Valparaiso as an attractive destination, so that we can have more ships docking.
Patent # 6,256,691) covers the techniques required for "hot docking," which allows the connection of a portable computer to a docking station through a PCMCIA/CardBus slot while the computer is already operational.
Projects in the past year include the supply of a wide body docking system to Egypt Air in Cairo.
All her bags were packed and, within a few hours of the docking, she was to swap places with Atlantis astronaut John Blaha, who will stay for four months.
Other considerations when evaluating the approach to the dock area is sufficient bumper projection, proper drainage and ease of snow removal, guide lines and the ample apron space for the docking trucks to maneuver.
Allow for iPhone and iPod docking to a clock or speakers with a narrow base
Godwin and Clifford were dwarfed by the Atlantis-Mir complex as they clambered up the orange docking tunnel to install four experimental panels.
We are pleased to work with BRP and we look forward to continuing our collaboration by bringing even more advancements to the PWC docking and lift market.
The group deploys one 300,000 ton floating dock, one 200,000 ton graving dock, one 180,000 ton floating dock, one 150,000 ton floating dock, three 80,000 ton floating docks, one 80,000 ton graving dock and one 50,000 ton floating dock, thus, a complete range of services can be provided, which include normal dry docking, repair and conversion for any size of the ocean going vessels.