n. & v.1.See Docket.
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The license for the company, a docquet dated 31 January, is TNA (PRO) SP 38/7/65.
Voir Gaetano Ciarcia (2003) et Arme Docquet (1999), qui observent quant a eux le passage de la << situation coloniale >> analysee par Georges Balandier (1951) a une situation ethnographique ou ethnologique chez les Dogons du Mali.
17) The Docquet Books of the Signet Office reveal that his name was first put forward for the court position in July of that year: 'The office of his Maiesties ordinarie Phisitian of his howshold with the fee of l li by the yeare with all other profittes & allowances thervnto belonginge graunted to Edward Ellwin doctor of Phisicke for terme of his lief subscribed by the Erle of Suffolk procuratum vt supra [by Sir Thomas Lake]'.