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a. A person who is licensed to practice medicine and has trained at a school of medicine or a school of osteopathic medicine; a physician.
b. Any of certain other healthcare professionals, such as a dentist, optometrist, chiropractor, podiatrist, or veterinarian.
2. A practitioner of alternative medicine or folk medicine who does not have traditional medical credentials.
a. A person who has earned the highest academic degree, usually a PhD, awarded by a college or university in a specified discipline.
b. A person awarded an honorary degree by a college or university.
4. Abbr. Dr. Used as a title and form of address for a person holding the degree of doctor.
5. Roman Catholic Church An eminent theologian.
6. A rig or device contrived for remedying an emergency situation or for doing a special task.
v. doc·tored, doc·tor·ing, doc·tors
1. Informal To give medical treatment to: "[He] does more than practice medicine. He doctors people. There's a difference" (Charles Kuralt).
2. To repair, especially in a makeshift manner; rig.
a. To falsify or change in such a way as to make favorable to oneself: doctored the evidence.
b. To add ingredients so as to improve or conceal the taste, appearance, or quality of: doctor the soup with a dash of sherry.
c. To alter or modify for a specific end: doctored my standard speech for the small-town audience.
d. Baseball To deface or apply a substance to (the ball) in violation of the rules in order to throw a pitch with extraordinary movement: was ejected because he doctored the ball with a piece of sandpaper.
v.intr. Informal
To practice medicine.

[Middle English, an expert, authority, from Old French docteur, from Latin doctor, teacher, from docēre, to teach; see dek- in Indo-European roots.]

doc′tor·al (dŏk′tə-rəl, dŏk-tôr′əl) adj.
doc′tor·ly adj.
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Adj.1.doctoral - of or relating to a doctor or doctorate; "doctoral dissertation"; "doctorial candidates"


A. ADJdoctoral
B. CPD doctoral dissertation N (US) = doctoral thesis doctoral thesis N (Brit) → tesis f inv doctoral


[ˈdɒktərəl] adj [thesis, research] → doctoral(e); [student, degree] → de doctorat
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And mark," he expounded further, in a curiously doctoral tone - "you are in all your limbs hateful: your eyes are hateful and your mouth is hateful, and your hair is hateful, and your body is cold and vicious like a snake - and altogether you are perdition.
He paused a moment, then said with a doctoral air: "Self-restraint is everything in life, you know.
Supervisors' conceptions were also controversial regarding the scientific and practical relevance of doctoral studies.
Doctoral education's reform in Switzerland and Norway; a public management analysis.
For many individuals earning a doctoral degree represents the pinnacle of academic achievement in the American educational system.
Project details : This project will support the professional development of doctoral candidates in Lebanon and Canada.
Premier Christy Clark announced 82 million to encourage more Aboriginal students to pursue masters and doctoral level degrees at public universities in British Columbia.
3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The KPMG Foundation announced it has awarded a total of $470,000 in scholarships to minority accounting doctoral students for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Doctoral students working in health research are increasingly affected by these budget cuts.
We completed both a survey of doctoral students and recent graduates, as well as a survey of enrollment information in the doctoral programs in Georgia.
The five scholars asked: "How well are doctoral programs preparing nurses for the faculty roles that will be needed?
These organizations are involved in planning throughout the year and attend The PhD Project's six conferences to develop relationships with faculty and minority doctoral students teaching at business schools throughout the U.

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