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a. A written or printed paper that bears the original, official, or legal form of something and can be used to furnish decisive evidence or information.
b. Something, such as a recording or a photograph, that can be used to furnish evidence or information.
c. A writing that contains information.
d. Computers A piece of work created with an application, as with a word processor.
e. Computers A computer file that is not an executable file and contains data for use by applications.
2. Something, especially a material substance such as a coin bearing a revealing symbol or mark, that serves as proof or evidence.
tr.v. (-mĕnt′) doc·u·ment·ed, doc·u·ment·ing, doc·u·ments
1. To furnish with a document or documents.
2. To methodically record the details of: "I had thought long and logically about ... how to document the patterns of dolphin behavior" (Diana Reiss).
3. To support (an assertion or claim, for example) with evidence or decisive information.
4. To support (statements in a book, for example) with written references or citations; annotate.

[Middle English, precept, from Old French, from Latin documentum, example, proof, from docēre, to teach; see dek- in Indo-European roots.]

doc′u·ment′a·ble (-mĕn′tə-bəl) adj.
doc′u·ment′al (-mĕn′tl) adj.
doc′u·ment′er n.


having the quality or capability to be documented
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There is no public accounting or explanation, from the remuneration committee or elsewhere, as to how or whether his initial salary and subsequent high pay increases relate to his documentable achievements in post.
The correctional and medical staff's determination that there are significant documentable reasons that the offender poses an immediate and serious risk of harm to the unborn fetus/child, the offender, staff and others, including the public, in the vicinity.
the demand for a solution that: - is an established, modern standard system that continuously maintained and developed in line with standards and best practices on the market - supports an easy and documentable control and approval flow - are web-based and can be accessed by smartphones and tablets - integrates with a variety of internal and external systems at sdu.
It is just as likely that program managers can show in a documentable way when something started to go wrong and predictably determined the outcome.
Thus, it may be possible to avoid bilateral VC paralysis, and the test can offer medico-legal assurance by providing quantitative and documentable information.
Target-Date Radar provides plan advisors with an established, repeatable methodology and a documentable process for assessing, selecting and monitoring TDFs.
To the extent possible given generally limited space, education about the product in general and documentable claims about its effectiveness are always important.
It is really important that this is a documentable process," notes Mark Ray, of Praxis Consulting.
The tool is developed to replace the fivestep process, thus providing pipeline operators with a simple documentable EB-IMP tool to make assessment and repair decisions.
But one problem in Georgia, especially, is that the many of the enrollees who turned out to be heavy users of health care did not come in with documentable risk conditions.
Case study A sets up the freedom gained from subordinating timelines: it blends an imagined performance of Shakespeare's Richard III in the 1590s with 'a very real, documentable experience' of Sanders's own 'in the late summer of 2012' (20).
Emphasizing it and making it documentable will often require collaboration between GTE and academic instructors.