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 (dŏk′yə-mĕn-târ′ē-ən, -mən-) also doc·u·men·ta·rist (dŏk′yə-mĕn′tər-ĭst)
One who makes documentaries.


(Broadcasting) chiefly US a person who makes documentary films


(ˌdɒk yə mɛnˈtɛər i ən, -mən-)

also doc•u•men•ta•rist

(-ˈmɛn tər ɪst)

a filmmaker, writer, photographer, etc., whose work involves documentaries or documents.


[ˌdɒkjʊmɛnˈtɛəriən] ndocumentariste mf
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Possessing more of an affinity with Thrid World films from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East than those of the commercial Hollywood film industry, Killer of Sheep was influenced by British documentarian Basil Wright's Song of Ceylon.
The '127 Hours' star was due to star as a free-spirited young man who inspires an uptight documentarian, to be played by Ben Stiller, to loosen up, reports the Daily Express.
There, our traveling documentarian was overrun by a crowd of 2,000 skaters being "contained" by 200 riot police.
It concerns a producer (Rob Deleeuw) of ``Girls Gone Wild''-type junk who tries to become respectable (strike one), an idealistic documentarian (Kathleen Robertson) who signs on with his company (strike two) and a temperamental artiste (Nicolas Wright) who may or may not actually be talented (strike three).
Directed by veteran documentarian John Scagliotti (Before Stonewall, After Stonewall) and narrated by Janeane Garofalo, Dangerous Living premieres May 11 on the Here TV network and begins on another May 11, back in 2001.
The former Codco member's onstage frenzy copped him best acting honours (male) from the five-person AFF jury, which included director Tim Southam, filmmaker Shandi Mitchell, writer Sue Goyette, actor Barry Dunn and documentarian Victoria King.
Kerger, who ascended to PBS' top position in March, said the FCC's ambiguity is particularly worrisome for acclaimed documentarian Ken Burns' World War II film ``The War,'' set to air in the fall of 2007.
Yu's inspiration would appear to be the great documentarian Errol Morris, and her film has the voluptuous, flower-bed-like palette and quickly paced, wandering construction of his recent work, in particular 1997's Fast, Cheap & Out of Control.
The worst case of the visible documentarian is where the filmmaker keeps popping up when the film is supposed to be about something else.
Recognizing the need to preserve the works and lives of dancers, she began graduate study at Columbia intent on becoming "a dance librarian or documentarian of some sort.
guerrilla documentarian Michael Moore has struck it big again with his latest film, Bowling for Columbine.