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Relating to, composed in, or consisting of twelve-tone music.

[Greek dōdeka, twelve; see dodecagon + phon(o)-, tone, pitch + -ic.]

do·dec′a·phon·ist (dō-dĕk′ə-fə-nĭst, dō′də-kăf′ə-) n.
do·dec′a·phon′y (dō-dĕk′ə-fō′nē, dō′də-kăf′ə-), do·dec′a·phon·ism n.


(Classical Music) of or relating to the twelve-tone system of serial music
ˌdodecaˈphonism n
ˌdodecaˈphony n


[ˌdəʊdekəˈfɒnɪk] ADJdodecafónico
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11) Worner sidestepped the issue of bans, lamenting instead their ostensible consequences: a homogeneous musical language, one with "no influence from French Impressionism or from German Expressionism, nothing of the dodecaphonic or the row.
Torn between allegiance to his former teacher Messiaen and new mentor Rene Leibowitz, he composed works across the musical and political spectrum, including one of the first dodecaphonic works by a French composer, the Variations for Piano and Ten Instruments (1946).
15) So too Said fully grasped the implications of Adorno's "rule of thumb that in the contemporary world cultural forms that appear most distant from society--for example the lyric and dodecaphonic music--are the best places to see the imprint as well as the distortions of society upon the subject" (Said 2000, 166).
This essay, which discusses Wittgenstein's attitude towards modern music, argues that, despite several attempts to compare Schoenberg's dodecaphonic compositional procedures with Wittgenstein's attempt to attain purity in language, there is a radical difference in their understanding of music.
The piece initially has a dodecaphonic feel, although the pattern here is usually to hear 10 notes of the chromatic scale before a note is repeated.
Nevertheless, given the responses to Arnold Schoenberg's freely atonal and dodecaphonic compositions, the possible responses to Webern's rigorously conceived work, transcending the borders of dodecaphony in the direction of a totally organised musical structure, could have been anticipated.
2), modernism in music by and large failed to accustom the listening public to dodecaphonic style.
However, this past summer, there was a quantum leap in all things Krenek when David Pountney, Bregenz's Artistic Director since 2004, programmed Krenek's Karl V, the first-ever dodecaphonic opera (though Krenek labelled it "a work for the stage, with music"), for the Festival Hall, and his neglected satirical operetta, Kehraus urn St.
For serial or dodecaphonic music, the resultant body consists in a system of compositions.
In "Performance as an Extreme Occasion" Said describes Adorno's Philosophy of Modern Music, in which music--Western classical music--is portrayed as moving inexorably, ever since the late style of Beethoven, toward total autonomy from historical reality, a process that culminates in the extreme technicalization of Arnold Schoenberg's dodecaphonic system, a technicalization that has both modernist and avant-gardist implications.
The latter work is dodecaphonic, not as immediately engaging, but still quite listenable and enjoyable--not at all forbidding, even though written in strict serialist style.
To the contrary, if one dodecaphonic piece is programmed, music-lovers stay away in droves, and /e nouveau roman is as dead as a doornail (see WLT 70:2, p.