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Contraction of does not.


contraction of
does not


(ˈdʌz ənt)
contraction of does not.
usage: See don't.
References in classic literature ?
But doesn't it prove that life is, against your contention, more interesting than art?
I should like to like her, ever so much, because she is most lovely and most attractive; but she doesn't seem to want to know me or to like me.
It really doesn't matter much, does it," Granet went on, "so long as we get rid of the brutes.
Of course Aunt Polly doesn't know yet, and we haven't got everything settled; so I suppose that is why he wanted to see me this afternoon, sure.
By each window do you see there are standing three reporters and an old editor, and this old editor is the worst, for he doesn't understand anything
And I should like to talk to him about the religion o' this country-side, for I partly think he doesn't know on it.
Oh, I don't know about that; soap keeps, doesn't it?
Doesn't that help you to understand how I get on with the rest of them?
It sometimes does, even if some switchman doesn't flag it.
Maggie paused in her whirling and said, staggering a little, "Oh no, it doesn't make me giddy, Luke; may I go into the mill with you?
Pitcher said, "is that you make sure that he's not disturbed and that he doesn't see what he doesn't want to see.
As wet as ever,' said Alice in a melancholy tone: `it doesn't seem to dry me at all.