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(ˈdʌz ənt)
contraction of does not.
usage: See don't.
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After eleven long years, its simply unconscionable for Iran to pretend like it doesnt have a responsibility to find Bob and bring him home, said Nelson.
Im socially conservative as well as economically conservative, and Idaho just offers more freedom that California doesnt have.
But SB's disappearance from NZ and his reappearance in the States does raise an interesting thought: Why doesnt he test the waters for a 1st CD run in NH?
It doesnt have to be rape to ruin your life, and it doesnt have to ruin your life to be worth speaking out about," Bee said.
But the property doesnt have to become a hotel, and it doesnt have to remain standing.
This doesnt end here, if a client is unsatisfied with the services, then on termination of the project in the first 72 hours, Atlas offers 100% money back guarantee.
Most of the products which are not a basic need in our life like TV, Car, bikes, even pricing of apartments are fixed but the basic need - FOOD products produced by farmers doesnt have pre determined price whereas the end product of all major brands has MRP for rice, atta, pulses etc etc.
The struggle doesnt end with winning-that is only the beginning of an aspirants journey to superstardom.
The official said that if the scheduled series with India doesnt take place in December, then the Pakistan board will end up losing as much as $70 million.
PML-N doesnt consider the memo scandal as right or wrong, he said, adding the party wants to know the real facts only.
He said Suleman Akram Raja doesnt have the facts about the case.
We've bn dating 5 mnths &he still doesnt think 2 tell me where he's going & can disppear 4 days on end.