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DOG biscuits laced with NAILS were found strewn across a park.
When I was pregnant I bought some chocolate dog biscuits from a pet shop in Belgravia.
It is the irrational fear of being stared at by a duck" Actress Dame Judi Dench "When I was pregnant I bought some chocolate dog biscuits from a pet shop in Belgravia.
The canine half of Wallace and Gromit has commissioned Wellybix dog biscuits, a small company based in Romaldkirk in Teesdale, to produce a line of treats called Gromit Unleashed to raise money for a children's hospital in Bristol.
Metro are trying to take on the big banks with seven-day branch openings, free coin counting machines, dog biscuits for customers' canine friends and decent rates.
Tenders are invited for Local Purchase Of Dog Biscuits
And the reason for the demise in white dog muck is that in those far-off days before BSE, when dogs were fed mainly a diet of bones from your local butcher and Vims - Vims dog biscuits, remember them and local butchers, remember them as well - and therefore had a high calcium intake.
ANIMAL-LOVERS popping in for a bag of dog biscuits or a new cat bowl got a "wild" surprise.
com)-- The day before the second National Republican Primary Debate, Boneheads 2016 - a new line of dog biscuits shaped like the heads of presidential candidates -launched as a project on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.
A PACKET of dog biscuits saved a diabetic woman's life as she fell into shock.
When he makes himself a pair of stilts things go spectacularly well for a while, but soon he realises that he can't play with his old friends or eat his dog biscuits when he is towering over the town.
Bailey hates dog biscuits and will only eat them as a last resort.