dog breeding

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breeding - the production of animals or plants by inbreeding or hybridization
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The conditions in this dog breeding establishment were shocking and it was imperative it be shut down.
To be sure, dog breeding in general has critics who feel it's more focused on human tastes than canine health and draws dog lovers away from mixed-breed pets that need homes.
I'd like to see a ban on all dog breeding for the next five years so the shelter problem could be tackled.
com)-- NY based Dog breeding experts South Side Dogs are now welcoming guests to their New York State facility to take a look at the company's most recent litters.
A WEST Midlands Police dog breeding scheme has been officially commended by the Kennel Club.
5) Part V - pork sausages - beef and poultry, delivery to the Department of Police dog breeding CSP Sulkowice;
He explained that competitive dog breeding in England became a fad among the wealthy.
A dog breeding licence must be held by people keeping three or more breeding bitches on their premises, the rules state, and the maximum number of adult dogs and puppies to be kept must be stated on the licence.
Vet Nick Blayney returns to give his views on canine health - still a sensitive subject where dog breeding is concerned - and veterinary nurse Kate Beavan is back as the team's practical health and welfare reporter.
Jackie Ellison is | one of the volunteers who looks after the puppies before handing them over to the Guide Dog Breeding Centre
The measures follow widespread concern at the poor animal welfare conditions discovered in some unlicensed dog breeding establishments.
The Maera Kennel wants to bring dog breeding in Egypt up to international standards.