dog catcher

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: catcher - an employee of a municipal pound who is hired to round up stray dogs and catsdog catcher - an employee of a municipal pound who is hired to round up stray dogs and cats
employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job
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However, this very weekend emotions boiled over as the angry komE-u said the dogs do not belong on the estate and he would soon call the municipal street dog catcher to take care of that.
com, a game changing new self-serve advertising platform that puts the same voter targeted digital advertising technology used by major statewide and national campaigns into the hands of local Democratic campaigns and progressive causes C serving everything from a state representative's race to a county ballot measure to a campaign for dog catcher.
For every election from dog catcher to president, they get out and vote very consistently," said Monty Exter, a lobbyist for the Association of Texas Professional Educators, which has donated to Hardy.
If people are seeing dogs on the street, get the dog catcher, get them phoned, get them taken off the street.
The simple establishment of the office of a dog catcher or stray animal welfare officer, would be of great benefit to Bahraini society, to say nothing of the stray animals themselves.
Police eventually managed to subdue one of the animals with a fire extinguisher and a dog catcher pole while a passer-by dragged the other one into a cage.
Barack Obama in November, Craig Copland is rallying conservatives to take over the country--one dog catcher at a time.
It would be funny if they were running for municipal dog catcher in some backwoods mid-West town.
One day, the dog catcher enticed Bandit off (his owner's) property and took him to the pound," he said.
It is found that dog catcher team doesnt have vehicle to operate against these stray dogs.